The Name of the Blog

The Name

“Let’s say you have chosen the nickname ‘Fly Head’ for yourself. Normally, you would think that ‘Fly Head’ would mean a person who has beautiful swept-back features, as if flying through air. But think again. Couldn’t it also mean ‘having a head like a fly’?” – Jack Handey

Writing is very personal – like pouring your soul out. There are hints of a secret smile and an errant lock getting in the way. And the eye contact! The way you are gazing at your work… God! I bet even romantic dates seldom get such intensity. So when the bright bulb inside your head goes on (or off, in my case) and you take the mammoth decision to strip and publish your work for the world to see, it calls for a special moment. It is almost like losing your virginity… but now I am getting carried away.

I wanted to make it memorable. I want to feel happy – even smug, when I am ruminating as a 70 year old with Labrador pups at my feet and think, “I made that’. So there I was, burning the midnight oil, writing furiously and clicking on save with a flourish. There! Now all I need to do is put it up and hit the sack! Easy peasy!

Wrong!!! The first question that popped up on the screen stumped me – naming the blog. I messaged this friend of mine, spilling my thoughts and options, successfully waking him up at that ungodly hour (Pssst….I don’t think he appreciated that). The first thing that came to my mind was something like, my two left feet. I also toyed around with confessions of a wanna-be assassin but I wasn’t sure if my mom would keep talking to me. Doing a total turnaround, I hovered on not-so-little miss sunshine. Yeah! I was rambling by that time (my sleepy friend was ready to tear his hair out I believe!), getting the same uneasy feeling as when the pretty dress is just not the perfect fit.

I decided to just sleep on it (my friend heaved a massive sigh of relief), with the hope that my sub-conscious works magic. However, when I woke up, the Shakespearean quote, “What’s in a name?” was in my head. The sleepy (now awake) friend asked the same thing over lunch (His treat!! :)). But by then, it wasn’t just naming my blog. I was thinking of people, flowers, vegetables, books – everything namable!

Anyone noticed, that for inexplicable reasons, some names are just nicer sounding and easier on the ears. There must be a reason right why the names Michael, Jake, Emma and Jennifer are so popular. The name Arjun for a boy is preferred rather than Bheem or OMG, Duryodhan! Is it because Arjun is more common and hence easier to connect with, or because it is easier to connect with, the name has gained massive favour? Is it a circular argument? I think it is elliptical. Doesn’t make sense I know. But somewhere our associations with certain terms (or names in this case) influence and create that refraction in our perspective. Why is it that Alisha puts glamour in our heads but Prarthana steers us towards that idyllic place in our conscience? The conditioning! We may want to deny it, but for a half a mo., we are judging a book by its cover and a person (or a blog) by their name. We take their names to be a reflection of their personality and for that tiny TINY moment we associate the two and form biases.

What about our own names?  We take our name and build our whole life around it and often, for it! Our name is the most defining part of our identity; nothing is more thorough and more unique. Your name is like a second skin – but closer and more attached than even the actual one. Patrick Rothfuss in the book, Name of the Wind puts it succulently, “But a word is nothing but a painting of a fire. A name is the fire itself” (Professor Elodin, take a bow!)

So, my mind was made up by the time desserts came. I wanted to name my blog that was representative of what I am in reality – a pessimistic perfectionist by nature, but with one of the laziest bones to NOT boast of. And then some…! 😛 Out of nowhere, I called myself an armchair perfectionist and started grinning like a loon with the same happiness I felt when I tried that perfect Forever21 dress! I was ready to party and party hard.

And the party is still on… 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Name of the Blog

  1. We are on the same page beta. Yes the word NAME sounds very simple but as you have aptly described, it is our IDENTITY and also provides a feeling of ownership. Well done I mean very well written. CHEERS…….


  2. When we are little, we are pretty much a sponge, dry and ready, to absorb every ounce of information from the outside world (Personal experience gained from my 2 year old niece.. damn.. she is amazing..!!). So we gather this plethora of information for every sound and sight and feel that we experience and store it somewhere in our head. And, its mostly because of that, even though i know *level Neanderthal* of Sanskrit, i can imagine an “idyllic place in our conscience” when i hear the word Prarthana.
    Makes me wonder. Like Elodin said in the book, kids would have made much better namers because they would most likely see something in its entirety rather than applying the logic and perceptions that one gained through their life experiences and thus see it only in part. Damn!! Rothfuss is a genius! 😀

    But yeah.. the blog.. well written and all that jazz…Keep it up! 😉 😀


    • Simplicity and innocence is not a child’s weakness but instead the strength to be honest and far more intuitive than what we give them credit for! Plus your niece is a awesome! 😀
      Thank you navnit!


  3. Entertaining piece!
    Name, you have to earn it! You’ll find a guy named Sachin in every street of our country. But not all of them have their name being chanted and echoed in jam packed stadiums.

    An armchair perfectionist – may this be a name to reckon with in the blogging world!! 😀


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