Tale Weaver’S Prompt #25 – The Night Before

A bright light had pulsed in my head when I came here. I had a good feeling about this place right from the beginning. It felt like the beginning of time – like I was born again and granted a life full of opportunities and possibilities. I knew I could make it work. I knew this amazing place would make it work for me.

I could feel the changes in me already; like a wilted flower blooming at dawn. I felt like my heart was learning how to beat all over again – stronger and faster. I could sense the strength returning to my limbs – the same ones who needed help in staying steady could now kick powerfully at will. I was becoming more self-aware and my mind was opening to fresh promises. I was surrounded with love, laughter and warmth! The positivity was overwhelming and tempted me to jump, squeal and cry at the same time, all the time. I never wanted to leave this place. I should have found this place a lot earlier; I couldn’t believe I had wasted a lifetime searching for this peaceful sanctuary. This is my cocoon, you know. I have everything I could ever want, everything I could have ever wished for.

It was a beautiful night, by far the most beautiful – lovelier than the one when I had come here a few months back. As dawn approached, I took in a deep breath and to my immense surprise, it started drizzling even though not a cloud was in sight. I could feel the wind and the rain, growing stronger and heavier but the touch remained as delicate as a whisper. Yet I felt suffocated and saw flecks of blood on my skin. I was squeezed from all sides and my thoughts scattered wildly “Not now… not like this. This is no place for Death!” With every strained breath, I was losing control and being pushed into the abyss. For a moment I lapsed into a deep slumber and abruptly woke to a gush of air filling in my lungs. I couldn’t help but start crying.

Somewhere in the distance, I faintly heard a joyful voice, “Congratulations New Mommy! And welcome to the mad world, lil’ one

Written in response to mindlovemisery’s prompt of The Night Before 🙂 Feedback very much appreciated!


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