Photo Challenge #26 “Silver”

Image: Cesar Santos
Image: Cesar Santos

Lightening broke the sky into a thousand glittering chips,

A silhouette illuminated; an ethereal streak of silver against the icy shine of dusk

High-born demeanor shielded under a pristine cloak.

A blink of an eye and she vanished, visible only to one.

Candlelight haloed in the fading daylight

Cast a bronze glow over mahogany walls.

Fingers worrying the clasp of her cloak, she stalled

An unknown daring flared and she ripped it off with élan

She stood, tall and proud and bare – a closet exhibitionist unleashed for his eyes.

Amber curls trailed as she leaned back into the tousled bed

With an artist’s eyes and a sculpture’s hands; he leisurely began.

Questing movements over every indent and curve,

Thumbing the sides and grazing the angles.

Sizzling flames caressed her

Her skin flushed and beaded with perspiration,

Wanton and exulting in her freedom, she laughed out in ecstasy.

His movements picked pace, fingers slashing and stroking towards the edge

Her heart raced and her blood sang

A singular tear escaped and she turned away, trembling and spent.

Slowly she went to him, and looked at the portrait – the paint still damp

Awash with rich colors – a lady, pale and ivory no more

Inflamed against the cold marble and crystal chandeliers

Mirroring her life

Hey eyes shone with secret promises

Honed and loved, the porcelain doll transformed to a fiery nymph

Silver scorched into Gold.

Yet another mesmerizing prompt over at mindlovemisery’s menagerie! Do leave your thoughts below 🙂

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