Breathing Free

Catrin Welz Stein
Catrin Welz Stein

Sweat beaded my brows as I changed the wheel,

My dusty spray-painted mustang

Lay catching her breath.

Once I had a chauffeur and dad’s personal mechanic.

Today, I got myself!

My jeans were stained and my blouse was wrinkled,

And both begged for a good solid wash

But waited for my next paycheck.

Once I had designer labels and mom’s stylist.

Today, I got myself!

My creaking single bed comforted me to sleep,

Lulling away my day’s exhaustion,

Amid grocery bags and to-do lists.

Once I had a queen-sized bed, silken covers and a house-maid.

Today, I got myself!

I shared Chinese take-out with Matt and a late-night yoghurt with Alan,

Dating is my new-found foray,

So is a nice tumble in bed.

Once I had five-star banquets, 8 o’ clock curfews and a Momma’s boy.

Today, I got myself!

Stifling luxuries, spa trips and a limitless credit card,

Have been replaced by DIY, library trails and a crappy part time job,

Once I was really alone, walled by faceless people and hushed voices.

Today, I got myself!

Today, I breathe free!

A little bit of fiction. A little bit of inspired reality. Written for the “Liberty” prompt by mindlovemisery’s menagerie.

Change is there all around us as rightly put by Claudia who is hosting 2015’s first Open Link Night 🙂 Linking up my first poem ever for this occasion!


28 thoughts on “Breathing Free

  1. This was fabulous praj, I love the realisation of having so much including unhappiness to be replaced with having so little and feeling free. Excellent poem, one of your best I am sure.


  2. Ironically enough and bravely expressed! One treasures all the freedom that comes by. One can rightly abandon all the luxuries and pretenses but bask in peace of mind of independence to act. Beautiful write!



  3. Reminds me of the movie ‘Highway’ 🙂
    We dont get to choose whether we belong to a rich family or not.
    But one should try living austerely once in a lifetime, may be during college days. Builds one’s character!


  4. Well, I know many people who will never come to this realisation – they prefer their comfortable life too much and are prepared to sacrifice freedom and everything else for it. A clever study of contrasts here, with a very positive message.


  5. ah – it’s much nicer to breathe free and do the things that have to be done yourself than being dependent… it feels good to be free and even if there’s not a lot of money to spend


  6. Sometimes all it takes is a little soul searching to find out what really drives us to be happy. In the end we always have ourselves, and nobody can take that away from us. We are out own glory and bliss.


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