Oh!! To Be a Kid Again…

I miss being a kid – well who doesn’t! Apart from the fact that now I can have ice-cream for lunch and can splurge on a dress without feeling too guilty about it, I pretty much want my childhood back. I am specifically talking about my childhood – not the pouty selfie nation of the present-day kids.

So tada! Here’s presenting a list of 7 things I miss about being a kid –

  1. The inexhaustible energy! Running here and there, slipping down and under, incessant scampering and shouting … Whew! If only there was a way to bottle all that energy! I hope there is someone out there inventing a ludicrous way to store that energy. Then I am going to chase those loud and noisy munchkins like a scary energy-leeching parasite!
  2. It was a beautiful time when my only worry was whether him borrowing my pencil and not returning it meant:
    • He was an angel wanting to keep a piece of me close to his heart or
    • He was a rotten thief with sticky fingers and a sniveling nose.
  3. The bedtime stories! The whole process of being tucked in bed, being narrated a nice story, then taking a pee break only to demand one more story was  priceless. I mean, who wants late night texting and Angry Birds when you get bed-time stories! And if you are really nice, mommy (or daddy) can be manipulated into making you a cup of warm chocolate milk.
  4. The certain reality that anyone and everyone who smells good can double as a human mountain! Or a horse, or a goat or a frog. It is inevitable! You climb all over them, use them for piggy back rides or make them your mattresses. Ah, good times!
  5. Fall asleep anywhere but you will still wake up in bed! The couch, movie theaters, cars or someone’s lap – irrespective of where you start off, you will wake up in that snuggly bed with no memory of which considerate person carried you to bed.
  6. It was a time when terms like carbs, low fat, calories and lean anything were just stupid, meaningless and boring words that did not belong in any happy place. One more cheese fry please!
  7. The clothes! Have you realized that it is extremely difficult to see a badly dressed kid? Because almost any color, any style will look amazing… the cuteness factor comes to yet another rescue.

Bonus point as I am feeling extremely generous about doing my bit for the world –

  1. Be able to wear a gigantic cowboy hat and be appreciated! Look at this… I had a happy time wearing this piece of beauty. And no one even considered getting me checked for damages 😀
My Awesome Hat 🙂

Written for the prompt 2.) List 7 things you miss about being a kid. So, what do you miss the most about your sweet time as a kid?b



28 thoughts on “Oh!! To Be a Kid Again…

  1. Numbers 1 & 6 – YES!!!! And I love the one about falling asleep anywhere and waking up in your own bed. I recently asked my youngest how he slept. His reply, “Great, but the strangest thing happened. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up in my bed!” He was amazed:).


  2. Hehe. This one was innocently awesome!
    But hey! You are still a kid 😀
    The second point and the pic is a proof of how stupid you were as a kid :p
    I’m “Kidding”!!


  3. I take care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The place where I work is staffed with loving, compassionate workers and we all take care of the residents who live there as if they are our family. Many of them have regressed to some point in their childhood and believe that they are 4 years old, 8 years old or 13 years old, depending on the person. They like to be taken care of by us and we let them do all the things that you mention in your list. They dress up in huge red hats and beads, they eat ice cream before dinner if they insist, They love when I play with the balloon with them and sing songs with them. I read them bedtime stories and sometimes they fall asleep on one of our laps on the couch. And they do wake up in bed!
    I just thought you’d like to know.


  4. Yes Prajakta these memories are nostalgic, mesmerising. More so with growing age—of course for the oldies.


  5. Definitely agree with your list. Ah, how it is to be young and carefree and no worries. Your line about a parent carrying you to bed really touched my heart because I was suddenly brought to that moment and wondered if I ever really thought about who carried me to bed when I slept on a couch or something?


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