Observations of a Frustrated Desk

Listen up Young Man!

You stalk in here every morning,

Your suit sharp and briefcase gleaming,

A scent of expensive cologne trails behind,

Dreadfully camouflaging the reek of a rotting mind.


Your frown greets me sourly,

Your fingers slam at my smooth surface,

Your foot taps restlessly against my corner,

Your shoulders crack from a cramped misery,

Your tie chokes every pleasantry you spittle out,

Your pursed mouth smothers your violent expletives.


Where is the boy who wished to soar in stars?

Where is the athlete who lived to play football?

Where is the youth who aspired to bring a change?

I see a ghost who has forgotten the face of the skies.

I find a shadow who can barely keep up his forged smile.

I hear a slave who bequeathed the power of a spirited fight.


Listen up Young Man!

The stale air is drawing your life out,

The dream of green notes haunting your sleep,

The incessant torrent of reports stifling your vision,

Run! Lest they make a rat out of you in this twisted race.

At dVerse, Marina Sofia recommended an exercise to make the abstract concrete, where I ended up with the prompt “Frustrated Desk”. This is my slightly skewed take on it.

46 thoughts on “Observations of a Frustrated Desk

  1. I do hope he listens. It sounds like he has taken the wrong turn in life, but hopefully he will find a way to ‘soar to the stars’ once again!


  2. You gave the desk a terrific voice ~ I think the young should pursue their passions and never let it out of sight ~ Working at the desk is a reality but it should be balanced with other interests as well ~

    Enjoyed this one ~


  3. This is such a good poem! It is hard not to feel a sense of waste when we see people we used to know as young idealists forsake their dreams and opt for the rat race instead.


  4. Well I can relate 😦

    Thank god I don’t go to work all suited up :p It would have turned out to be my biography in poetic form!


  5. insightful – I can say that my work nearly killed me. You’ve used the desk as a nice foil to point out that which is obvious to everyone… but ourselves


  6. oh – oh – the most expensive eau de cologne cannot cover the smell of a rotten mind… i hope he manages to escape that treadmill… sounds like he’s been there too long already..


  7. I preferred a desk to working on a milling machine or assembly line; still do, but a terrific take on the prompt for sure; like the line /I see a ghost who has forgotten the face of the skies/. powerful emotions & imagery.


  8. Unique perspecitive. Powerful message from a desk…the desk sounds as though it was there for many a great (wo)man before this boy in mens clothing.


      • Perfect sense! I think you have nothing to worry about, if you keep the same attitude you have now and keep using writing or some other type of creative form as an outlet, earning your “cheese” will be just a small part of your life.

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  9. This is excellent! As children we are free to live, love and to enjoy life. Then, almost suddenly, we are sucked into a trap of having to earn a dollar, not having enough time, too busy for family, too busy for ourselves. We get so caught up in our responsibilities and over-extending ourselves, that we forget who we are in the process.


  10. Wonderful! Who can know that better than the desk? However, the third para, somehow, didn’t fit in for me (but that’s just me) 🙂


      • haha! *shouts a big noooo”. People already scare me saying walls can hear too… now, I shudder to wonder, how it would it be like…”desks can talk too” 😛 😛 (On a serious note, like the perspective and the way you put it down) Happy blogging!

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  11. Capitalism can provide one luxury, power to exploit & materialistic illusions that one can build around himself but it can’t provide solace & meaning.


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