Carnival of Fantasy

Welcome O’ Wanderer, to the greatest carnival on Earth,

You look all revved up to join this happening party!

Why don’t you relax with Long John Silver and his rum?

Or share a butterbeer with Harry if that strikes your fancy!


Join Snow White and Cinderella with their dizzy foxtrot,

And try your luck to kiss and wake the Sleeping Beauty!

Stop over to pat Moby Dick by the pond – he’s real friendly,

And hop over for an animated gambol with Timmy the Dog!


Glinda the Good Witch will merrily teach you her magic,

And while you’re at it, cheer up Sam and Frodo with some!

Try not to disturb Alice looking through the glass though,

And watch your head for Peter Pan juggling Miss Moppet!


This party is happening in every room around the world,

When any child picks up a book and unlocks his dreams!

Take some time to wipe the dust from your old bookshelf,

And unhook the anchor to sail towards your wonderland!

As a kid, I was living a part in almost every book I read – an escape into my personal fantasy. I forget now how easy it was to run away with my thoughts.  The prompt given by Anthony at dVerse to go crazy with our imagination was a perfect way to bring my best friends back to life!

26 thoughts on “Carnival of Fantasy

  1. This was fun! I would love to be able to spend time with some of these fictional characters. Party on!

    (The link you posted at dVerse does not work. You might want to put in a revision.)


  2. Like Mary, I noticed your link at dVerse is faulty, but hey, we can just click on your name & arrive here regardless. As a kid, I read voraciously, but dearly loved the imagery in comic books the most, leading to becoming a movie buff, & reviewer; but words themselves can create superb imagery in the theatre of the mind; loved you ditty.


  3. And even with what seems less and less time or inclination for children to read books.. they can still be exposed to the imaginary of heart through Disney Movies and such as that….

    But it is so important for children to dream the imaginable as that is where so much of innovation lies true.. in a mind that sees no limits in potential of life..:)


  4. Interesting poem, it makes me want to visit some of those places. I haven’t read all of those books yet, I’ve got a list. A really loooonngg list… Growing up I was a voracious reader, thanks to my parents, who read a lot and they encouraged us to read. My dad had saved some of his books from his childhood. They gave me the beginning of my love of science fiction. He had books like Tarzan and the Pellucidar series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.


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