The First Step Out


All that remains is an exhausted sigh,

The fight trickling out of the heart,

Silent, invisible and intangible

The only thing left now is to depart.


There is no last leaf to hold on to,

No splashes of paint on the dying tree,

The dry walkway is calling out an invite

And birds singing songs of being free.


The first step is always the hardest,

And brings back lost dreams, all hazy

But the first glance into the open world

Makes the next steps miraculously easy.


Like ripping off a stubborn band-aid,

The sting sears and scorches in deep,

But the winds cool and renew senses

To joyfully escape the arrested sleep.

The end of a year, the end of a relationship, the end of a life, the end of an illusion. The first step out is always the hardest and perhaps, also the greatest. Just some musings on that first step and to find the courage to take it.

Written for mindlovemisery’s menagerie prompt, “Won”

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40 thoughts on “The First Step Out

  1. The first step is indeed the hardest, but it does mean a fresh start 🙂 another chance 🙂 and you’re right to say that the following steps become increasingly a breeze. Thought-provoking imagery and I especially loved the hopefulness of the last stanza ❤


  2. I do think you are right. After the first step, the next and next are easier to take. It isn’t easy to begin, but once begun the momentum continues.


  3. I like the contrast between the looking back and the looking ahead. But my favourite line was ‘The fight trickling out of the heart’ – that really spoke to me and felt relatable and concrete.


  4. A poem full of pathos, yet rimmed with hope; a primer, a gentle cajoling, for our fears do bind us like invisible restraints. I liked the line /the sting sears & scorches in deep/. As I age, I swear, after thanking the universe for every new dawn, those first tentative steps of the day become creakier & harder.


    • You brought a new perspective to this poem, Glenn. To be able to keep moving forward is something to be thankful for!
      Thank you for your lovely comments


  5. Perhaps the greatest gift of life is change.. as to stay static is not to stay at all alive…

    Truly alive is change and embracing it all as we go.. dark and light.. negative and positive..

    and what we might describe as good or bad…

    The water flows and while the ocean looks the same it is always changing evolving into

    a new way of flowing.. in light.. alive.. or waves in just letting it all go.. as what is change

    in seas of seeing new in now..:)


    • Lovely words! Nature, all around us, has set an example of how beautiful and necessary change is… If only we humans took it as a positive thing, our life will have so many new colors in it.


  6. Maybe it’s just me but i’ve felt that every time we enter a new place in life, we also enter into a new being…and after a couple of times renewal becomes an addiction for the soul.
    I read a number of your poems and i must let you know that you write really well. You evoke emotions easily.
    I liked this one most.
    Thanks 🙂


    • You make an excellent observation Yash. It is almost like a cleansing process at times.
      Thank you so much for reading my poems and commenting… you are most welcome to explore around!


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