The Crust of the Matter

You are not alone crust!
You are not alone crust!

I am the lonely outer slice of the loaf.

The ugly duckling in the basket.

Unceremoniously cut off and

Crudely run through with the unforgiving knife.

Treated like the unwanted step-child.

Pray tell me, what sins am I paying for,

That I never get to play with butter,

That I am cast aside for the dog

or strewn to cajole the fishes,

That I lay forgotten in the trash,

Swapping stories of ungrateful parents

With the orange skins and banana peels.

I am the hard shield protecting the softness,

I am the solid cover for your melting bread bowls,

I am the crispy fragrance inside the welcoming bakery.

… yet, I am needed but never wanted!

A discrimination beyond me,

When I am made of the same substance as every other slice.

Is this how it works in your world too?

Discriminating based on the outside

Even while sharing the same core inside?

Grace is hosting a lovely gathering of bread talks and poetry at dVerse. I feel really bad for the outer crust of sliced bread which is almost always ignored, so I decided to show my solidarity through this poem.

59 thoughts on “The Crust of the Matter

  1. Damn, I admit… I only eat that piece if it’s pumpernickel, other than that… :(… like how this blends with a bit of social commentary. We’re def all the same on the inside, you wouldn’t know by how badly some are treated because of the outer….


  2. Ah.. yes what a wonderful metaphor for the injustices of life.. alas all too true. But personally I often prefer the end part.. the crust that is the best part of the bread.. Actually here in Sweden we eat crisp-bread a lot and that is only crust… the softness inside is all the same as you, say. Maybe the crisp outside is the best also with people… 🙂


  3. I love the metaphor being used and the story within it, much deeper than bread. I do like that piece of bread though, but only if I have egg salad ready to chow down on. Other than that I allow that piece of bread to talk to the inside of the trashcan.


  4. I particularly like this: When I am made of the same substance as every other slice. Love the way you use the bread as a metaphor ~ We are all made the same inside but more and more we are judge by the external, our color, our language, etc ~ Thanks for playing along ~


  5. What a unique point of view. So true about bread crusts. NEEDED but often not WANTED. And, ha, I have been guilty of giving a bit of crust to my dogs. Smiles. But truly, I find, if it is GOOD bread (not store-bought) the crust is my favorite part.


  6. The crust protect the soft inside..I like to dip the crust in olive oil and different gives it a nice flavor..and interesting write with some hidden messages leaving the reader to ponder.


  7. personally, I love the end piece of bread….I like the crispiness…and to think that is what we often us to hold the meatloaf together as well…so it is a very important piece of the bread in my opinion…it is interesting our perception of it though….


  8. discrimination is terrible and i hope we wouldn’t judge so much by just what our eyes needs those view beyond…but honestly.. in our house, we fight over who gets the crust… i think it’s the best part of the bread…smiles


  9. What an imaginative take on the prompt; poor Crustism issues. Clever, truthful, effective. Crust & I are on a spontaneous bent. With unsliced bread when it is toasted, I dig it, but sliced bread crust just doesn’t do it for me.


  10. So much to love about this–the metaphoric aspects, the first person write, and, above all, the meaning within. I, for one, love the end crust–toasted, with plenty of butter to clog my arteries. Ha!


  11. It is my favorite piuece. None other tastes as good toasted, and it is also sturdier when laden with jam. I truly love this poem, and think it is sensitive and exceptional!


  12. Perfect analogy. Well done !
    But it made me think that it is more nobel to be eaten by dogs and fish, or talk with other refuse than to be eaten by humans. Humans are over-rated.


  13. This is absolutely beautiful. This was written so powerfully , it was as if the bread were actually sharing its’ very own feelings.

    Such a metaphor for this world and all it’s discrimination.

    Thanks you for sharing! 🙂



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