No Excuses! Keep Moving…

I found myself at my creative best this morning as I struggled to wake up for my run. Excuses flew out of my system for exactly three minutes before I managed to jump out of bed and hit the cold roads. Minutes into my run, I was glad I didn’t give in to the temptation of my comforter.

I wasn’t like this until more than a year back. Before that, I was blissfully ignorant and living in the comfort that since I am slim, I don’t need to bother with exercise. Right??

WRONG! Like millions, I was disillusioned that zero weight issues signifies good health. Slowly, I discovered that fitness is the key and not your body shape. I understand that we face tremendous pressure to look good and achieve unrealistic photoshopped standards, women especially. But we cannot help the shape we were born with! And those fruits floating around defining them… They stay unless cosmetic intervention takes place. Shouldn’t we try to make the best of what we have got and make it a well-oiled, smooth functioning machine?

Many people face issues in reducing sizes inspite of regular exercise and healthy diet. They simply cannot help it! But then you have this lot who claims to have embraced their curves and hence refuse to move a muscle. Β Now that’s a whole lot of horse poop. A horribleΒ excuse. It’s a slap for those who are giving their all towards a healthy lifestyle where weight loss is simply a by-product.

For a long time, my sister was happy with her overweight and didn’t really make an attempt to exercise. Now, with disciplined yet fun lifestyle changes she has become fitter, healthier and leaner. Is she a super-slender bombshell? No! Is that even important ? Hell No! Because she is healthy…

I am all for not giving in to stereotypes and be happy in the imperfections of my own skin and curves. But I cannot bring myself to support using this acceptance as an excuse to not exercise and eat unhealthy. I love my healthy lifestyle and the fact that now I am in a better shape even compared to my modelling days. Because, health!

So yeah! Stop whining and making excuses… Just getΒ moving to feel the high of a healthy life!

p.s. Wish me luck for my 5k tomorrow. My poor nose gets cold!

Badge: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

This post is brought to you by Stream of Consciousness Saturday where today’s prompt is ‘excuse’ Come take a look πŸ™‚


26 thoughts on “No Excuses! Keep Moving…

  1. The muscles of our bodies need to be worked upon for proper functioning and channelization of Oxygen. Worked out muscles result in total equilibrium in and out.. Being healthy doesn’t mean to be in diamond-cut shape.
    What is 5k btw?

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    • So true Neeraj. This outer perfection often kills the inner equilibrium.
      5k is short for 5 kilometer marathon run. There is also 10k, half (21) and full (42) πŸ™‚


  2. You go girl! I can identify with how being slim can be taken as an excuse not to exercise. In my case, it is other people’s perception. I have been going to the gym since my early twenties and still find it annoying when people say, “Why do you go to the gym? You are already so skinny!” All the best for your 5K tomorrow, running rocks! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you! It’s annoying and tiring. Especially the ones, ‘have more cheese and butter as you can afford to’ Not that I don’t love eating them, but this leaves a bad taste!


  3. Good use of the SoCS prompt, and I do wish you god luck on the 5k! I know what you mean about a cold nose too — that happens to me a lot and made me laugh! Someone needs to invent something good for that… πŸ™‚


  4. Being healthy praj is what is important. I try and exercise every morning, this time of year in Australia is a magic time at 6am. Despite all the exercise I do I have yet to lose a gram in weight, I watch what I eat and enjoy the fact that despite my aging overweight body I am probably fitter today than I have been in a long time. Good post you raise some important points.


  5. Some people think that fitness just means having bulging biceps, or a flat belly; as soon as they achieve it, they go back to the lazy lifestyle. The truth is that fitness is an ongoing process, there is no end point to it. Waking up at 6 AM and hitting the track is not just a healthy routine, but it is a way of living which is as important as breathing. I like your post πŸ™‚


  6. Nothing like a good work out. Actually I am really addicted to weight training, which I want to quit for running and other aerobic exercises. Lets see πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!


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