Fresh Start Calling

Image: Totomai Martinez
Fantasy by Totomai Martinez

Bright eyes beamed back in the mirror,

A pink smile bloomed in anticipation,

Betraying only the faintest of quivers

Of the lurking shadows in the reflection.


The past demons raised their fiery heads,

A franctic war ensued to douse the flames,

The smoking memories prickled the eyes

As a reminder of the ugliness to be tamed.


Anguished tremors took over reality,

A feeling that threatened to smother,

But the shivers will stop; you aren’t alone

With your one hand clasping the other.


A spark at the end of the long tunnel

Will light the way for a second innings,

The embers still flicker with past fires

But now, only to ignite new beginnings.

At dVerse, Mary has introduced the lovely ‘phoetry’ of Totomai Martinez where we are using his photography as an inspiration for our poems. The curve of her smile and the intense look of her eyes has guided my words


42 thoughts on “Fresh Start Calling

  1. It is always good to know that there is still a second innings left to play, to live.
    The past with its demons is expressed wonderfully; the highlight for me in this poem is the ending, wherein the embers of the fires of the past are the one to ignite a new beginning. Expressive and thoughtful writing. 🙂


  2. I like the way your poem traveled here from looking in the mirror at the beginning to new beginnings. It is good to think we all have those ‘second innings’ in life!


  3. it is a battle for those feelings between the hope and the demons of our past…our history can be so haunting and debilitating at the same time….but overcoming them, what a new life is born


  4. “The smoking memories prickled the eyes
    As a reminder of the ugliness to be tamed.”

    And, rather than leave this in the realm of melodrama, your poem takes this to a support group, taming, and then ignites new beginnings! Rather wonderful.


  5. You interpreted the photo so well – I hadnt noticed the difference between her eyes and her smile till I read your note at the end. You are right……an intriguing poem, hinting at an interesting back story.


  6. Each time we are knocked down or out, when there is a reversal, disappointment, death, betrayal–you are so right; there can be a fresh start, a new perspective on an old horizon; terrific take on the image.


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