Last War for Civilization

Sarkhej Roja | By Piyush Tank
Sarkhej Roja | By Piyush Tank

I write this to warn you. I write this to plead you. 

I write to you what I see.


I see…

Her face faintly lined with dry tears,

Playing the memory of her baby

At her breast.

She had brought him into this world,

Amidst bloodshed and bombing

Outside the broken shelter.


I see… 

Him growing up in this grimy rust,

A crumbing urban decay of life

To be rebuilt from scratch.

The moral compass of humanity shed,

Taken over by a lust for immortality

At the cost of a mutated body.


I see… 

The perseverence of the expectant mothers,

Sole cradles preserving and continuing

The pure form of life.

A grim and desperate crusade to safety,

Sheer will and determination leading

The last war for civilization.


I see… 

A mountain made of sacrifices and grit,

The rape of our Mother Earth that

Has been fiercely avenged.

The smoking lands now have tiny footfalls,

Playing with the brave new foliage

Sowing the hope of future.


I plead you to hold on to humanity. To warn you of the seduction of greed.

Your Future Self

I cheated here. The mutation, the greed and pregnant women being the last carriers of pure humanity was a dream I had a few weeks back (Yes, my dreams are mostly thriller/sci-fi). Grace at dVerse handed me the perfect prompt where we are writing how weird the future can be.


38 thoughts on “Last War for Civilization

  1. oh heck – so that was really a dream? tough… and scary… it is so important that we hold on to humanity but what i see is greed spreading more and more – we will reap the fruits in the future and we do now already…


  2. wow that was some dream…and a bit scary…maybe you received the warning you write about…it does have an interesting prophetic feel to it…and it is the sad state or our world….


  3. I am scared of that vision yet are we listening and learning from our mistakes ~ I think we are just stubborn and too greedy ~ Thanks for participating & sharing ~


  4. An amazing dream you had here. And how wise you were to find an opportunity to turn your dream into poetry. It seemed that the last part of the dream showed a positive future though….with the ‘brave new foliage.’ Oh that this would come to pass out of devastation.


  5. I like your sci-fi dream. It is full of suffering, but much hope. Your poem made me think of how I need to nurture, love and stregnthen my own humanity and how nature yearns to renew itself. Good write.


  6. And so sad it is that some still today escape the ravages of human nature unscathed in brilliant light.. while there are so many who live in the war zones of human hate.. and this is earth.. already heaven and hell.. location.. location.. location.. rings for whomever the BELL TOLLS…

    Perhaps one day.. there will be Love for all.. and no doubt that price will come with a tag.. that is never seen before..:)


  7. However cheated the message is so clear and very well described. By the way, they say we dream what we already have inside us. So it’s not cheating it’s communicating and conveying. Well done!


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