Confessions of a Model


Visit me sometime, said the dessert plate.

One more slice will not hurt.

No one would know.


There’s always room for one more.

One more piece of chocolate.

One more slice of pizza.

One more stick of butter.


The mirror became the enemy.

Shrieked at the jiggling flab.

Mocked at the increasing weight.

Fumed at the new plus sizes.


The toilet bowl understood though.

Gave the nerve to ram my fingers.

Helped in ignoring the vile taste.

Cheered by showing the flat tummy.


My head strayed on its way back home.

Cigarettes were the slimming pills.

Alcohol roped in mock-happiness.

Drugs erased traces of grim reality.


My body started giving up on me.

Only dismal escapades in bed.

Blackouts a steady companion.

Painful withdrawal while resisting.


Visit me sometime said the toilet bowl.

One more puke will not hurt.

No one would know.


But… I would know.

Inspired by some dark conversations and confessions shared with an aspiring model. Anthony at dVerse has us spilling our beans tonight at the pub. Join in and share yours…

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76 thoughts on “Confessions of a Model

  1. oh heck… it’s heartbreaking to be caught in such a circle of eating, vomiting, self-destruction… seems like she has found a way to resist… and be who she is…


  2. when you start that path of being obsessed .. it’s a slippery slope.. I was relieved to here it was not yourself.. hopefully there comes that day of realization.. So many try to mold themselves into patterns that are not themselves.


  3. I admire the voice very much ~ A very relevant topic as a lot of young girls are easily swayed by that mirror and pressure to be slim and sexy as a model ~ I am afraid that the body will give up sooner than later ~

    So well done with the prompt ~


  4. yes, you will…and i admire the strength in being honest about this…because it is an issue that many people struggle with…struggling with who we are…the shape of us….and what we are sold as should be sexy…and the struggle to meet it…


    • Oh yes… When I saw them spilling the beans and the haunting look in their eyes, I realized how many more must be going through this. This had to be told and shared,


  5. Ah, this cycle of behavior seems to be more prevalent than we would ever give. Your poem was a vivid depiction of what it is all about. So difficult to break the cycle when it always finds a new form to take. Powerful fare. And EXTREMELY well written.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for that encouraging and thoughtful comment Mary! It isn’t just difficult to make the cycle – it takes even more strength to get rid of it.,.


  6. Sadly the media has really distorted what beauty really is. I have seen the struggles with my own children, as they have attempted to measure up!
    This is very powerful. Thank you Prajakta for sharing.


  7. How sad it must have been for you to meet with women in this situation. No profession should foster such unhealthy practices. Your poem really does expose the reality of this, the lack of glamor, the false beauty involved sometimes in being a fashion model.


  8. As a habitually overweight person, I used to think it might be nice to be bulimic for say a year; I mean the Romans used to overeat habitually, & then use their vomitorium. Oh well, flat tummies, 6-pack abs are for others to enjoy it seems; powerful passionate compassionate piece this, a very effective take on the prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I’ve watched way too many documentaries on this… and it breaks my heart.
    I know it’s a disease that’s so hard to break free from… the mirror becomes the devil on your shoulder and echos the bad thoughts in your head… amazingly written… thanks for joining


  10. What an important topic. It seems our never too thin, never too rich culture nurtures this disease. Just look at the pinterest feed, so much of it is extreme diet & exercise or recipes for extremely rich food. Well done.


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