Spring in My Step

Dahlia Pink

Unfolding flower

Shaking off the last dews

A dream of a spring


Snuggle the patched quilt

Share a last warming hug

To bid a soft farewell


Embrace the early morning

Sway in delicious greenery

A renewal of the zest of life


Oh fragrant meadow

Blushing in dappling gold

Only to color me happy


Ballerina in every step

Sniffing cherry blossoms

A play for twinkling smiles


Throw off the dark evenings

Laugh loudly in honeyed dusk

A time for fresh relationships


Thread fingers under the oak

Steal kisses in sun strands

An awakened time for loving

While I love winters, I couldn’t help but welcome spring during my lazy stroll with cherry blossoms 🙂 Open Link Night at dVerse hosted by Bill…


35 thoughts on “Spring in My Step

  1. this poem made me think of one of my favorites, written by John Donne – break of day –

    Tis true tis day what though it be
    Oh wilt thou therefore rise from me

    I enjoyed reading this, and it made me smile


  2. Hello again, Boy! Oh boy! Do I love elements of yr last stanza here:

    “Thread fingers under the oak
    Steal kisses in sun strands”

    Wow, how beautiful is that and comes straight and pure from someone with such a sensual soul… Terrific! With Best Wishes Scottie x


  3. An awakened time for loving

    Perfect ending Prajakta! The coming of spring is the start of or the continuing love affair with nature all over again!



  4. Spring is not quite here but love the blossoming of your spring thoughts ~ Can’t wait to take that ballerina like steps out in the field of colors ~ Beautiful post ~


  5. The first green shoots are popping up on the lawn, and, very early this morning, I heard the first ca-runks of returning geese. Spring is taking hold, here in the recently frozen north…

    Lovely post, lovely poem! ❤


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