Spring in My Step

Dahlia Pink

Unfolding flower

Shaking off the last dews

A dream of a spring


Snuggle the patched quilt

Share a last warming hug

To bid a soft farewell


Embrace the early morning

Sway in delicious greenery

A renewal of the zest of life


Oh fragrant meadow

Blushing in dappling gold

Only to color me happy


Ballerina in every step

Sniffing cherry blossoms

A play for twinkling smiles


Throw off the dark evenings

Laugh loudly in honeyed dusk

A time for fresh relationships


Thread fingers under the oak

Steal kisses in sun strands

An awakened time for loving

While I love winters, I couldn’t help but welcome spring during my lazy stroll with cherry blossoms 🙂 Open Link Night at dVerse hosted by Bill…



35 thoughts on “Spring in My Step

  1. this poem made me think of one of my favorites, written by John Donne – break of day –

    Tis true tis day what though it be
    Oh wilt thou therefore rise from me

    I enjoyed reading this, and it made me smile


  2. Hello again, Boy! Oh boy! Do I love elements of yr last stanza here:

    “Thread fingers under the oak
    Steal kisses in sun strands”

    Wow, how beautiful is that and comes straight and pure from someone with such a sensual soul… Terrific! With Best Wishes Scottie x


  3. Spring is not quite here but love the blossoming of your spring thoughts ~ Can’t wait to take that ballerina like steps out in the field of colors ~ Beautiful post ~


  4. The first green shoots are popping up on the lawn, and, very early this morning, I heard the first ca-runks of returning geese. Spring is taking hold, here in the recently frozen north…

    Lovely post, lovely poem! ❤


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