All You Need is Love

Love is….

Sharing dreams with Mom

Protective hugs from Dad

Stroking hair by Grandma

Holding hand by Grandpa

Pillow conversations with Sister

Friendly wrestling with Brother

Crazy dancing with BFF

Playful cuddles with Dog

Gentle chiding by Teacher

Endless laughter with… Ahem.

You don’t need a reason to spread love. And with this amazing blogging community, you can find it in delightful corners of the web. I was nominated by Upen Reddy (a poet with an ear for great rhymes) and Colleen (one of the most inspiring bloggers I have come across) for this Spread the Love/ Love in Ten Sentences Challenge – a beautiful and delightful way to express your thoughts on love. The rules are: 

1. Write about LOVE in ten sentences of four words each

2. Share your favourite love quote

3. Nominate fellow bloggers.

There is no one quote, but this is something I saw on facebook which really struck a chord –


I nominate the following (and everyone who reads this) to share your thoughts on love. In case you have already written on this, link up your blogpost 🙂 Would love to take a look.

Echoes of Life 

Dandelion Fuzz

Dreaming Wordz

4 Year Old Adult

Joeyfully Stated

Poetic Parfait

Thank you 🙂


33 thoughts on “All You Need is Love

      • Wow, Prajakta, you are AMAZING. Yes it would have been 2 days when you commented, now a day away, but am leaving in 4 hours to go the expo to pick up my race kit, and then stay in the hotel overnight.
        Looks like a great day weather wise. Race time temperature of -6C and rising to +1C by noon with glorious sunshine! 🙂


  1. What a fabulous quote! Thank you so much for jumping in! Your 10 thoughts on love could be a poem! Your love is surely reaching out into our community. ❤


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