Joy of Cleaning

My personal hell
My personal hell. Source:  Facebook

Bring out the champagne and hand around the canapes… The deed is done!

… the sun is singing, the dew is misting. The world is bright and happy. It is THAT time….. Spring Cleaning Time 😀

Yeah… I am one of those!! The prospect makes me want to pirouette… if I could.

I wake up to a room humming with warm breeze and dappled with sunshine with the smell of fresh linen lingering in the air. I sigh with ecstasy seeing the gleaming bottles and delicate jars adorning the table as my tiny bamboo takes the spotlight. I open my closet triumphantly to swoon in bliss as I take in the dresses hanging neatly and the clothes laundered, ironed and seamlessly folded. And oh! My glorious bathroom decked up with glistening taps and faint lavender sends me over the moon.

And it was all me! 🙂 I was Amy Adams from Enchanted complete with my Happy Working Song – the driving force behind this artfully happy place

*takes a bow* 

The entire process of cleaning and organizing is my favorite form of therapy. A stress buster. It doesn’t have to be just my place – I have answered many SOS calls of my friends. It is incredibly satisfying to scrub the grime from the tiles knowing that beneath the weightless gift-wrap of soap suds, a magic is happening. Even bathrooms don’t turn me off. A strong warrior I am armed with my brushes and soaps together, we never fail to deliver. And the love is all pervasive – be it doing the dishes or packing bags or arranging cupboards. I am your happy go-to girl…

For me, it isn’t just about smoothing the sheets and melting the last wrinkles. It is also about loving and respecting the nook that is my home and comfort zone! The quilt deserved to be brushed down. The socks needed to be folded. Taking care of my space is my responsibility and much more! It is putting my personal touches to build and decorate a home. Bookshelves, potted plants and fairy lights are my happy reflections. Together with DIY butterflies at the windows and vanilla candles, they become a manifestation of my personal tastes and elemental choices. 

I guess I channel the negative energy and dedicate it to work. Some music and the litany of thoughts calm me down. I know at the end of a day when everything went wrong, this is something which will always turn out the way I want it to. Where else is my potpourri going except where I place it! Cherry on top – it’s an awesome workout. And you can reward yourself by devouring a buttery grilled cheese and cold chocolate milk.

After spending the day with a cramped desk, a bumpy commute and a smoggy walk back home – it is immensely comforting thinking about my dwelling oozing with inviting warmth! No inhibitions. No pretenses.

Just home. Oh! And Toothless to welcome me ❤

My Toothless
Everyone… meet Toothless. See 🙂 He’s smiling and wagging his half-red tail.

My happy babble on my need to keep things clean and organized was inspired by the Stream of Consciousness Saturday promptuse a word, anywhere in your post, that begins with the prefix “de-.” Extra points if your word ends with “ed” 🙂

So, this was how many points?? 

37 thoughts on “Joy of Cleaning

  1. You get bonus points! Just reading this post makes me enthusiastic about cleaning, and I dislike spring cleaning with a passion 😉 The only time I look forward to cleaning of any kind is when I have a new audio book. Hours can pass as I get lost in another world and when I come back down to reality…hey presto! My house is clean 😀


  2. You get all the points if you come and clean my house!!! haha! Oh I so wish I had your energy. But having a clean home gives that, doesn’t it? 😀


  3. yay! Joy of cleaning. For me cleaning comes very natural (Read natural as last threat from mom… see.. only my joy after cleaning is diff 😉 😀 )


  4. You really get into cleaning house. Here’s some extra points for that : ……………….. And here’s some extra points for putting an -ed in your post: ……………………………..


  5. Wow…cleaning. To walk into a clean room is always nice, but cleaning it so tiresome. But you’ve presented it nicely just like the other post about eating (Chef, Joey, boiled lizard :P).


  6. What a wonderful post. Although I love it when my house is sparking clean, I do not get the buzz out of cleaning it! I love the enthusiasm of this post and the utter joy that shines through. It is very inspiring as well! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  7. […] An Armchair Perfectionist Prajakta has written a really happy, inspirational post here about something that to me, is frankly hard to get excited about! However, such is her enthusiasm, it really shines through how much she enjoys it and how good it makes her feel. Lovely, cheery post. […]


  8. I didn’t realise people actually did proper spring cleaning as a yearly event type of thing. I wish I had your passion for cleaning, I love a nice tidy appartment but only have the motivation to really clean it when we’ve got guests staying


  9. It brought back memories to see “Toothless ” . My daughter, who is 18 now, used to collect those characters from Pokemon, when she was 5 and 6.
    I remember Toothless

    I used to have to go through the Burger King drive through a couple of times a week, to get her the newest Pokemon.

    fondly. ;)Annie


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