Weekly Sojourn

So, when I first saw the quirky prompt for this week SoCS – “jour (DAY in French), I immediately thought of the Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song.

I used a mask that doubled up as the monkey mask in my mad head. I started rolling my head and moving my hands languidly. But unfortunately, the song itself is so lively… I kind of geared up and started humming “Perfect Day” by Hoku.

And I am listening to this after probably five years. How did this decide to take a walk in my head I don’t know. But ah! It just hit me. It has been so so so long that I have listened to a song on loop and been totally mesmerized by it. Mesmerized by anything rather!

I am craving to read a book that makes me want to wail after it is over. And to pick up another fantastic book in mourning that eventually makes it worse once THAT one gets done. I also want some great tracks that make me want to sing out loud and prance around. So I decided to get to do something about it. 

This is my weekly sojourn. After days of increasingly more work, this weekend is going to be all about me! I ordered some great books from Amazon last month and four more are on the way. I also dug up some super music from lost folders. And hey! Some gourmet drinking chocolate that my sister brought from US last month. With some spaghetti, my favourite couch and windows wide open, I am all set for a weekend of losing myself into my first loves. 

Some of the books that I have already devoured or plan to –


A Confederacy of Dunces and The Picture of Dorian Gray, both presently in transit will be added in a day. And yes, the re-reading of A Feast for Crows is underway. Since I finished re-reading the previous three a few weeks back, I have been reluctant to pick this up. But now this will be in perfect sync with Game of Thrones Season 5 premiering tomorrow, which is motivating. 

I also have this very private diary where I note down some of my favourite quotes and reflections as I come across them. Who knows… maybe after I am dead, I will be the next Anne Frank… I can daydream right?


Serving as my background score will be –

1. Budapest – George Ezra 

2. Riptide – Vance Joy 

3. Roses – Poets of the Fall 

4. Into the Fire – Thirteen Senses (my all-time favourite) 

5. Hanv Saiba Poltoddi Vettam – Gonzaga (a lovely Goan song. Performing to this to a public of 2000+ has been one of my greatest life experiences)

I am hoping to come out Monday morning, refreshed and calm. Too much of running around and socializing last three months. And I am planning to make this a once in a month activity. Breathing time…

Have you heard/read the ones I have shared? Please share your opinion, your favourite music/books or anything else you like to do to unwind. I just realized this is the first time I am sharing some of my interests. This is a great chance to learn from this outstanding blogging community


55 thoughts on “Weekly Sojourn

  1. We have four books in common 🙂 out of which i have read Tuesdays with Morrie:)) between i have read diary of Anne frank too:D. What a perfect way to spend your weekend:) Bonjour Mon Ami:)
    Me gusta


  2. I don’t read books as such, but you seem to have a pretty good collection going by the names.

    Hope you enjoy them. Btw, writing down quotes seems to be a good tip.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend indeed! Love Jeffrey Archer and have read The Sun Also Rises, Dorian Gray and Lord of the Flies but all so long ago! I must listen to some of your playlist. I didn’t know you were a performer – that’s awesome! What do you play?


    • Thanks Linda.. I WAS a performer. Not instruments but vocals. Used to be in a band during under-graduate and a chorale group during post graduate. Now I am in corporate! 😐

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  4. Breathing time……love that idea and it seems you have the perfect way to spend it! BTW….Can’t go wrong with a Jeffrey Archer book! One of my favourite authors!

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  5. What a lovely weekend! I have a lot to do today for others, so it was nice to relax for a moment just imagining you reading and listening to music. I read the Celestine Prophecy years ago, and the sequel: The Tenth Insight (I actually read that first) Both interesting and with some escape into exotic locations for me. I like to unwind with science fiction or Jean Auel’s prehistoric fiction: books about places I’ve never been. Enjoy!


    • I am yet to get my hands on The Tenth Insight. Great concept of incorporating fiction to what is otherwise a spiritual dimension. I love prehistoric and science fiction – I will surely check the author out 🙂 Thank you!


  6. The Picture of Dorian Gray – I found it to be a little deep but I did like it and I loved the movie too.
    I have heard Budapest (one of my favorite singers actually) and Riptide, both are amazing and yeah who doesn’t love the Lazy song by Bruno Mars…. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy.
    Oh yeah I forgot about the GoT. Lets hope that it airs without any hitch and we do get to see it.


  7. Great reads!
    Except Anna Karenina. I just couldn’t get into it.
    I can’t recall what I read of Jeffrey Archer, but I did like it. The Bahagdhagita — or whatever, you know, I read in college, with corresponding study guide and a professor, and I did love a lot of it.

    I love music. Almost all music. I prefer to read in silence. I do like to lie down and relax, listening to classical, or jazz, or blues, or zen, or zen-like rock, or …well, you get it 🙂


  8. I love receiving books and so I’m excited for your reads ahead 🙂 As for “The Lazy Song” I refuse to hit play on the video because I know the melody will totally be in my head all day if I do!! hehe 🙂 For songs, I do like Counting Stars by OneRepublic (also gets stuck in my head!)


      • Any time dear!! Hmmm… Well, I’m a Paulo Coelho’s fan so have all of his books so far expect the latest “Adultary”, then you will like Jeff keller’s, Nepoleon Hill’s and Indian writer Chetan Bhagat, Preety Shenoy’s, Ravinder Singh and many more 😉 I hope you will like them too 🙂

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  9. oh! Bhagavadgita too I see 🙂 Good collection there Prajakta.. Tell me when u find a book you don’t want to put down after completing it 🙂 And wishing you a great Weekend ahead. 🙂


  10. Books are a great way to unwind and my choices depend on what is happening around me. Saturday was too hot so I spent the day reading an today is it such a lovely weather that a walk with a friend made my afternoon. Music, yes! I love listening to melodious Bollywood numbers. Hope that doesn’t sound boring 😉 but music not being a common interest between VT and me has now taken a back seat!
    Enjoyed reading your post!


    • Old Bollywood numbers are lovely – I will judge you vehemently if it is some of the newer lot! God.. it is like a treasure hunt – to find ONE good song nowadays. Evenings do find me with Suraj Dooba Hai 🙂

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  11. You diary looks so amazing, I love it’s cover, So chic! ^.^

    Thanks for sharing the Lazy Song because that is exactly how I was feeling today, like not doing anything! 😛 And wow that’s quiet a bunch of books to read, Happy reading! 😉

    Have a spectacular week ahead. Much Love,
    Zee ❤


  12. This list makes me think that why I am not such an avid reader like you. I have heard about these books. Archer, Gita, history of time were once in my wishlist too. But life is too busy reading competitive books.
    Books and music are you interests then you’re definitely going to enjoy this weekend.


  13. Some good books and music there, our choices match! I’m gonna jump in with my suggestins now –
    Since you have 100 years of solitude, try Love in the time of Cholera by Gabo Marquez.
    In books, on my recent AWESOME books list is – Kafka on the shore, any works by Murakami really, Charles Bukowski (Ham on Rye, Women, Factotum, take your pick), a gorgeous little book called 84 Charing Cross Road (movie is also GORGEOUS, btw)… Maybe sme Jack Kerouac i you like the genre and want to experiment. John Grisham is my god, don’t know about you. And Jeffrey Archer is DA MAN, agreed there!
    As far as music goes – Take me to church by Hozier, then there’s a little known song called Waves by Mr. Probz, was on my loop for quite some time… Opeth and POTF are my favorite bands, so ‘Where do we draw the line’, ‘Sleep’, ‘Burden’, ‘Coil’ are permanently on my loop and draw goosebumps almost each time! And then John Mayer tops anything and everything, he’s so good, he has a song for each mood!
    That’s it for now! :-p


    • That was a bunch of delights, Madhura 🙂
      Murakami, Grisham and Poets – GIANT CHECK! Hozier – I swear I have started dreaming of this song! 84 Charing Cross and Waves are promising discoveries… Thanks 😀
      Gave up Kerouac after On the road, opeth fits certain moods (prefer Ensiferum). Love in the time of cholera – maybe I’ll get fourth time lucky. Presently psycho analyzing GoT season 5 changes from books… great choices there, after all they seem very similar 😉

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      • Honestly, I haven’t read Kerouac myself, he’s on my list! But don’t forget Bukowski… he has a whole literary generation to his name :-p
        I feel I can talk books, music and movies for hours and days :-p Your list is pretty good, and even I ordered 9 books from Amazon in last 1 week. Nine! *buries face in hands* I’m addicted!


  14. Hey Prajakta!
    Just listened to the song Roses by POTF. It was there in my library but I hadn’t listened to it. And I started thinking how the hell could I skip this beautiful song. It was just great.
    And one song I’ll recommend is “Shooting Stars” by Owl City.
    And thanks a lot for stopping by and checking my posts! 🙂


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