Credits: Vampire Zombie


a recurring dream tantalizing

to get lost from the world and beyond

forever free from burdens of society

to escape into the oblivion


be bold and brazen and carefree

indulge and delve into wild passions

i won’t be caught dead in the rut

normalcy is for you and him and them


to break the rules and boring stability

paint life with colors more obscure

adrenaline rush is my bread and wine

taste of addiction so fleetingly pure


a step up the horizon and down the well

perhaps the direction the doves flew

and where will I belong, you ask?

to myself of course, if I  ever need to

A few thoughts here and there. Perhaps impossible. Perhaps in a parallel universe. Perhaps undesired. Yet invaluable. 

Perfect to be linked up with the gorgeous photo prompt at mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Delirium

  1. A lovely dream.. that for now..
    i for one.. am gifted with in reality..
    Truly work to keep.. in practice..
    but surely yes..
    dreams are always
    worth IT..
    when true are

    And frankly.. this may be
    the best brevity of poetry
    i ever read.. worth re-blogging
    by comment link certainly.. at least
    for me.. Sincerely..



  2. Oh what a beautiful and meaningful ending Prajakta !
    “And where will I belong, you ask?
    to myself of course, if I ever need to”

    I wish we could all embrace this !


  3. Dreams of grand adventure with an intriguing photo. I think I understand about your comment above about not being sure if you want it to be true. Sometimes I feel like an armchair adventurer. 😉


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