Lie to Me



I checked my nose this morning… it wasn’t really longer than usual. More or less it has remained the same over the years *patting it quietly* I like it you know! It is a nice nose. A little funny. A little button like. But with tons of character! Been developing it over the last couple of decades. Why because after Mahatma Gandhi and his honesty is the best policy philosophy, it is me who has been carrying the beacon forward.

Okay not quite! *patting nose back in place… stay!*

What I will say is this – It is not like I abhor lying, just that I have never had much trouble sticking to the truth. There are no grand principles and expectations I have set about being honest. Just that I have never faced any situation which required lying! Remember the strange knack I have of staying out of trouble? Yeah! That… 

I spoke with a few people. They lie all the time they say! When lying doesn’t harm anyone or when lying is something that will make life easier for them AND the person being lied to. And then some nicer people also said that if lying will prevent the other person from hurt then they would do it. More often than not, it is so save their bums from trouble! And I don’t blame them. I will not judge them for lying. Although, I think I will have double standards and say that I do NOT appreciate being lied to. 

Why don’t I follow a similar philosophy as the people mentioned above? Well, either it is convenient to just tell the truth than invent something out of my hat, or just that I do not care if the person is getting anything out of it. The fact stays fact. And sometimes, if the person is important to me then I WILL tell the truth – however bitter. Because I think they’d rather I tell them than hearing about it from some other person. And this doesn’t mean I ALWAYS tell the truth – I just find it more convenient than lying most of the times. I can sleep nicely without needing to keep track of the lies I need to remember. 

I have done a mean thing too. I have often put people in a spot just to… test them? To see if they are lying or not. It is like I know they are lying, but I still mould the situation to see if they will get around to telling the truth. And it is self-destructive! My heart breaks when they don’t. And there is this one person – there is ALWAYS that one person right? – who invariably fails the test. He lies. I don’t think he has an idea that I know the truth. I don’t know if I will ever muster the courage to tell him that – so I guess I am living a lie there too…

And now I am depressed… So I will make my excuses now and take leave to tend to my nose. This is the weirdest SoCS I have written, almost confessional and come to think of it, inspired by one of Linda’s earlier posts. Today we are drawing inspiration from “stick” as Linda is gardening this week 🙂 Stop by and say hello!

Tell me your deepest darkest truths lies. What is your philosophy to maintain your nose’s (im)perfections

42 thoughts on “Lie to Me

  1. It’s sticky, isn’t it? No one wants to be lied to and yet the truth can hurt. Being quiet by nature, if I’m faced with a situation where I really just don’t want to say whatever it is, I’ll say nothing or shrug to avoid lying. It might still be considered lying but one nice thing about being known for being quiet is that people will accept silence from you.


  2. I think it depends mostly on how well I know a person whether or not I’ll tell them a white lie. Sometimes there’s no point in telling the truth, as you point out, just to make someone feel bad when you don’t know them well enough to stick around and explain exactly what you mean. More often I try to just walk around both lie and truth with carefully chosen words.

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  3. I agree with you that telling the truth is more convenient than lying. But lying can be a heck of a lot of fun. That’s why I enjoy writing fiction sometimes.

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  4. I can be brutally honest to any type of bully; but otherwise, I find something nice to say and avoid hurting any person’s feelings, at least by purpose; however, that’s an art and not science, alone..:)


  5. I’ve occasionally been too honest, especially when asked a direct question, but have learned to refrain from answering rather than lie, most of the time. Thanks for your honesty. Given the choice, I’d rather have an uncomfortable truth, or silence than a lie.


  6. A very thought provoking post Prajakta.

    I think honesty is important, because you know you can take a person at his or her word. One of my children lied a lot when younger, then when she did tell the truth, no one would believe her. Fortunately it was just a stage. She is much better now at telling the truth.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂



    • Thank you Carl… And I can connect with her! I was an expert to covering up as a kid. And honestly, always had people around me who helped in the cover ups. We all learn 🙂

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  7. I tend to be painfully blunt, but if I do find that if I find myself needing to lie, it’s usually a lie of omission. Straight out making up things? It’s easier to just tell the truth, then you don’t have to keep everything straight.


    • Lie of omission is one of the most ANNOYING ones! And also very convenient in trivial matters. I have a PhD there 😀 Thanks for dropping in!


  8. I liked this post a lot. Even though it was weird by your standards! I happen to have a knack for *always* being in trouble, so I’ve kinda perfected the straight face answer. My not-so-nice nose is trained to lie, and behaves, but strictly in cases where I know it’s gonna make it easier for person I’m lying to!

    But in situations that don’t involve me in trouble, or where feelings and all are involved, I’m quite harsh and blutally truthful, and my conscience sits up, glaring out of her half-moon specs and sternly pokes me till I tell the truth!


    • Here… Let your conscience meet mine. They’ll get along just fine 😀

      And as long as at the end of the day you don’t feel those pokes I think we are all fine and you can go easy on your nose. I am sure it loves you 🙂 And it ain’t not-so-nice!

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  9. I stick with telling the truth and then don’t have to worry about who I said to whom because the truth is much easier to remember than a lie 🙂 Thank you for your genuine tone in this post xx


  10. Truth & all Cheers !! Lies and still cheers 😛 It’s difficult to control what others tell us but we can control what we speak Truth is the best 😛 But there are always exceptions 😉 Wonderfully presented 🙂


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