Almost Healthy

I wrote this while dreaming about this pizza

Almost is so full of possibilities and well, so full of out-of-reach reality. Almost single, almost graduate, almost drunk… 

I take pride in being “Almost Healthy” I have never been an out and out health-freak – impossible given my love for carbs, cheese and chocolates. But over the few years, I implemented lifestyle tweaks to not completely compromise my health. And it has paid off! My hemoglobin levels I tell you 🙂

Sometime back I reached out and read a book on a close relative’s recommendation – Don’t lose your mind, Lose your weight by Rujuta Divekar – my first nutrition based read. To the Indians – she was force behind Kareena Kapoor’s size zero national rage. 

And now I feel like sharing a few different/lost tips which she has so logically spoken about – nothing on losing weight, only about being fit! Do check it out. Just ignore the frequent name dropping and the overdose of Mumbaiya Hinglish (Hindi + English)!

1. Eat EVERYTHING! Yes. You heard it. Don’t go for those high protein/zero carbs crappy diets. Have proteins, vitamins, carbs, calcium, fats and whatever else is out there. Especially good fats! Balanced moderation and your body will thank you. P.S. A slice or wedge of cheese makes a healthy snack 😉

2. Make mornings your new best friend. Hello fellow morning people – time to rejoice 🙂 Your metabolism works the best in the morning! Our body functions super efficiently then so keep fueling it. Eat something immediately after waking up. If you are tempted for buttery chocolate croissants – have it in the morning. Leave the rest of the day for lighter stuff. 

3. Think global. Eat local. Now this was brilliant! Perhaps subconsciously we all know it… Your body recognizes and functions the best with the foods that predominantly belong to your childhood and geography. Italians can have pasta all the time because it is influenced by their childhood, lifestyle, culture, cooking style and geography. Pasta needs all THAT to function well and not turn into an unhealthy carb fest!

4. Plenty of small meals instead of few big meals – So hard to follow! The logic is simple – assure your body with regular intake of food so that it doesn’t go into starvation mode and store fats! It will chill with its feet up and a glass of sangria.

5. Prepare your body for the buffet! Confide into your body when holiday/ wedding season comes around. Or about that sumptuous brunch plan. Don’t give false hopes of limiting your helpings. Just be prepared and don’t shock your body with the ten unplanned desserts. And going hungry the whole day to splurge in the evening is wrong too. Eat normally! One day of going overboard is fine!

6. Love your body! Sounds so easy but apparently very difficult. But appreciate the way it puts up with the abuse and shocks while still supporting us. 

These are a few steps that can help remove the almost from the “Almost Healthy” 🙂 Linda has us talking about “Almost” over at Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Hop over for some interesting takes!

Do share your own – what are those healthy traits you have incorporated in your lifestyle.


46 thoughts on “Almost Healthy

  1. I think most of people, including me, have a wrong notion about food and health. This sounds like a realistic approach to eating healthy. I think for a person like me, I tend to not give into cravings, which is ok at times, but can turn unhealthy when you eventually give into it and then gobble down more than you would have if you gave into it in initially and maybe would have done it in some moderation.


    • Wrong notions can come from the weirdest or simplest of places. Separating fact from fiction gets very difficult. This approach is real AND logical. It is a lifestyle honestly that we should be adopting!

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  2. Great ideas! I like the small meals, but with my history of compulsive overeating, I have to watch out that doesn’t turn into “grazing” – eating whenever I feel like it. My food plan was to eat three main meals and two healthy snacks. Sometimes it’s three healthy snacks. For years, I avoided buffets completely. Now I prepare myself mentally before a buffet to choose wisely and eat mindfully (slowly). This “almost” approach to eating healthy fits in with the motto: “Progress, not perfection,” and with number 6 which I love.


    • Thank you JoAnne! You are right…. portion control needs to be followed when we are talking about six meals. Fine lines that can make a big impacy Mindful eating is something that the author highly recommends 🙂 And also the motto that you quoted!


  3. I am eating without regrets and not working out also but with regrets. I’ll regret a lot, later on 😛

    Some of the things you put above, were things I used to follow. They all work well especially small meals and feeding your body within 45 mins of you getting up.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. That image of pizza and your post is delicious. 🙂
    I just can’t resist pizza or burger neither I think twice before filling my tummy with junk foods. The funny thing is I am not nearly as “Almost Healthy” and I want to be healthy.


    • The pizza catapulated me beyond mortal realms! Having junk food is fine as long as it is not a daily thing. Foods that we like make us happy – restraining leads to mad binges. Just balance 🙂

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  5. Eating in the morning reminds me of the Buddha’s version of fasting. He recommended that people eat only in the morning, and fast after noon.

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  6. Wonderful post and great use of Linda’s prompt! I need to check on that book! I’ve connected with your blog and look forward to more posts in the future! Have a great weekend!

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  7. Thanks for sharing, Prajakta. This is great information! I’ve also read that our mindset regarding the food we’re eating can affect how well our bodies process the nutrients. The whole mind-body connection and all.


    • You are right Tonya! Our mindset, our psychology all makes a tremendous impact. Eating happily really is great for nutrient absorption than mindless eating in front of the idiot box.

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  8. This is exactly what I am trying to do! I might have to look up that book! I join you on the “almost healthy” list…can’t quite give up “bad” stuff altogether. Your tips are very practical, thanks for sharing!

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  9. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    “Nothing on losing weight, only about being fit!” This from the post! Good one.

    And, after going through the article, It Sounds Healthy Enough to me!

    Eating something Right in the morning… This was something New for me. I am a person who ‘Has to Have’ his tea in the morning!’

    From now I intend to eat 4 Nutrichoice biscuits at 6 AM and 4 PM as well, something I had not done earlier.


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