Opposites Attract


We started on different paths and diverse ambitions,

Truly determined to stick to our grand plans,

Feet held tight on the ground.


We initiated that tentative but irresistible meeting,

Bound together with forbidden undercurrents,

Colliding as destiny played poker.


We were a fusion of a sunny day and a stormy night

Attracted like two opposite poles of a magnet,

Undeniably lost in our cosmos.


We kept fueling the explosive fire scorching our souls,

Gasping for breath in the dense combustion,

Insane in our abandoned triumph.


We saw the mystifying rightness of our coming,

Shocked by the beauty of our chemistry,

Complete in the harmony of souls.


We still refuse to agree on the smallest of matters,

Effortlessly of the same mind on the big ones,

Weaving a tapestry for our future.


We overcame a flurry of confusions and misgivings,

Seeking courage to embark on an adventure,

Discovering it within each other.


We now dance to the greatest songs of love and life,

Your smooth moves guiding my two left feet,

Holding tight for infinity and beyond.

Well…. I like life 🙂 How did you meet your “significant other”? What’s your story?


66 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

      • A mazing is that my wife at age 45 rarely gets guessed as an age any older than 26 if not younger.. as an American Indian Princess of sorts.. and in the dark dancing.. people have no idea i am 55.. but yeah.. i always fess up and share a photo of my wife with girl FRIENDS dancing.. and simply say there is no one more beautiful than her.. and yes.. i prove it.. as those Facebook photos come in handy.. with smart phones while one is rave dancing sober like me.. and no.. my wife neither dances or does bars.. she is super shy and yes of course.. i am THAT OTHER thing.. TOTaLLY OPPOSITE.. smiles.. but well disciplined in the heArt of reAlly Living WILL Loving balance.. LOVE can be magic.. if one never gives up and simply believes.. magic in general.. is as real as my 45 year old gorgeous wife.. who is ageless and timeless as a stone muse.. smiles again..:)

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  1. I completely agree that opposite attracts, even though I don’t know the exact reason. May be the opposite ones ignites a spark in our lives which ignites our heart’s desire to achieve something.
    Your poem about meeting the significant other is expressive and intriguing. 😀

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  2. I think you know my story of meeting my husband in 1971 when we were teenagers, seven months before his family moved 700 miles north. He found me again 39 years later. We are opposites in some personality traits, but, as you wrote, we agree effortlessly on the big matters. A good recipe, I believe. 🙂


  3. Loved the way you have penned down this Poem ❤ You have a way with words which makes the story through the poem even more lovely.


  4. Great post as always ..you have way with your words 🙂
    Lol I ll be getting married soon so yeah have found significant other😊


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