Look! A Human… Yummm


This post isn’t just restricted to cannibals. Everyone is welcome!

So I am a vegetarian by choice and I get this a lot – “WHY?!?!”  It is somehow unfathomable to most non-vegetarians that I do not have meat, poultry, fish out of choice and not religious or medical compulsions.

I am not sure if I have ever consumed non-veg as a kid; but in my memory I know I consciously avoided non-veg food around the age of six. It wasn’t because I did not like it I think (I remember the mouth-watering smell of butter chicken that my family devours) but when I had my “Oh! This came from something that trotted and chirped with their family” moment. After that, the doors were firmly shut to the sumptuous delights of non-vegetarian food.

People have risen to the challenge of converting me and poof! They have failed miserably. I accidentally bit into a chicken piece about three years back and believe me, I started crying in the cafeteria with tens of other students looking accusingly at my oh-so-terrible friends for making me cry (Thankfully, only a few realized the real reason behind my outburst). I don’t mind people around me wolfing down their chicken and pork and crab or whatever strikes their fancy. I am cool as long as the same oil was not used for my food. I have also adjusted well to having to share MY food while I cannot even sample the tiniest of bite from my friends’ plates *fixing my angelic halo awkwardly*


However, there was this one time when I was put into a spot – in the Ethics & Governance classroom! We were discussing a case where a group of miners stuck in the cave for three weeks killed and ate a fellow to survive while patiently waiting to be rescued – perhaps not quite patiently. It is based on the true story of a shipwreck where these guys on the lifeboat kill one man and eat him to survive. Then they were all convicted of murder.

The professor questioned that if we were faced in such a situation, would we give in to the primal human instinct of survival and eat human meat or would we refrain? He then specifically directed it towards the vegetarians and asked us. Some said that they might while some of us stated that we honestly could not say. We felt that we wouldn’t eat but hey! If it came to survival… there really is no saying of what one would do. Then the professor twisted the question and asked pointing at me, “Would you eat her if it came to your survival? Someone you know and are close to.” Although this turned into a joke as someone said, “No use. She is too tiny to satisfy our hunger.” Till date, I do not know whether I should have been happy that they won’t eat me or annoyed because they believe I won’t satisfy their appetites 😐

Hunger. Survival. Life and Death. No right answers. No wrong answers. The law says it is wrong. Our hearts and minds says it is wrong. But what would happen when our starving stomach and depleting senses started taking over?

As for me, I mainly decide my eating through my nose. So who knows… If you smell great? *arches eyebrows wickedly*

What makes you a vegetarian/eggetarian/non-vegetarian? Bare it all. Even if you are okay with eating a fellow human. This is all just contemplation!

P.S. I hope you enjoyed the chocolate 🙂


48 thoughts on “Look! A Human… Yummm

  1. So, smelling good is a threat to my life now??? :O Where on the earth does mercy exist? What one needs to do to survive being eaten by friends? Just because I started taking extra care of smelling soothing since they’d threatened to kill me for smelling I-shall-pass-killing-and-eating-you, I am the target? So either way, I can’t win (read, stay alive?) Huh! Not fair. 😛
    Super Monday post, by the way! 🙂

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  2. Hmm, quite a question. But it is true, the basic instinct of a living being is to first survive. I get your point and I guess you are miffed with your classmates for refusing to eat you. Let me be the gallant one and offer to eat you when the time comes 😀

    Just kidding !!! 😀
    Nice one, loved it 🙂


      • Main ghass phoos khaanewaley jaanwaron ko nahin khata… hahaha… Tasty morsel!! You know how the French eat dainty dishes? That is why… I don’t mind if the plate does not have too much on it Hahaha..

        Hey, just kidding.. mala non-veg khoob pasand aahey.. pan mala sukhee laakkad nahin chaalel.. *er.. is that right? maybe not.. pasand = aavadthey?? not sure.. damn, I should learn Marathi one of these days.. 😦


  3. Ahh.. This was an amazing and thoughtful post 🙂 We never know what we will do until we our in someones shoes 😛 So well said 🙂 Even I am a veggie and never had non-veg till now knowingly but you never know what you can intake unknowingly. So sometimes ignorance is bliss 😉

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  4. Very thought provoking. I thought about that too. Would I eat a human being if it came to such a situation? I don’t know. I am sure I would wait until the last moment, but I don’t know if I could do it then.


  5. Same pinch Prajakta 😀 I too am a strict vegetarian and that too by choice. I don’t know why people wonder first upon knowing that you are vegetarian and then upon knowing that it’s by choice. The way they react, sometimes make you feel like you’re doing it wrong.. Really, I can’t understand why it is so but I never felt any guilt over my decision to stay strictly vegetarian. No offense towards non vegetarian people though as I respect choices made by individuals. As for the question raised by them, I guess one should throw it back to them asking what made them non vegetarian. 🙂


  6. I am a pure Vegetarian (not even have eggs) and unlike you, don’t like anybody sharing my food (and i don’t take a bite from anybody else too).
    I am also very choosy in terms of where i eat outside.

    To the question – I wouldn’t eat a fellow human…that would be so gross for me 🙂

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  7. Great post! I’m coming up on 40 years of not eating mammal flesh. It started when was about 20 years old, as a life long animal lover, and read an article by a hunter stating that if you’re against hunting you have no business eating meat of any kind. I’ve gotten pretty good at not eating chicken by watching the videos of cruelty on factory farms, but I do eat fish now and then, especially shell fish, except during Lent (the 40 days before Easter in my church) when I am able to be a very strict vegetarian. I’ve often thought about your question in relation to when would I eat a cow, or a horse, or a human. (Not going to even talk about dogs. Dogs are off the table, no pun intended.) It would depend on the circumstances. If I needed to take care of children, I would kill to survive. If it was just me, with no responsibilities, having lived a full life, I don’t believe I would kill to survive. Unless one of the people I was trapped with was particularly annoying. Just kidding. Sort of.

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    • You raise another dilemma here – you would kill for your starving children. I mean, this is what I was feeling. Where do we draw the moral line and actually justify our action. That said, some annoying persons might just be put to better use on the grill. Just kidding. Sort of 😀


  8. My neighbors find disdain in my yard.. when i let the
    Dandelions grow wild and free.. oh i Love Nature
    and cannot even kill a Dandelion.. the heart of an empath i am.. BUT..
    and A big BUT.. i have really big canine teeth.. in fact having to get a cap..
    once the Dentist says oh what big teeth you have Fred.. a little bigger
    and we will have to special order one just to try it on..
    yes.. while i have a very big smile.. a little
    wider and the Shark Teeth in the back
    appear.. and yes.. i can look like
    a werewolf on the turn of a
    but i will not show you..
    less you never
    like another
    one of
    my blog
    posts haha!..
    but seriously.. this is a fascinating topic..
    there are inherent factors that predispose some
    cultures per genetics in eating more or less meat..
    and of environmental factors like having pet cows..
    and a culture of Loving Nature.. generates much more
    empathy among human beings.. so yes.. one may find
    the nicest folks in India.. as i definitely find is the case so
    far online.. and Muslim people are kinda nice too.. but
    just not quite as open friendly as folks in India..
    But anyway.. the only thing that separates
    Hannibal the Cannibal from ‘Super Heroes’..
    is that Hannibal has no fear.. and no
    human empathy at all.. and Super
    Heroes have so much empathy
    that they cannot separate
    their needs from the
    needs of others
    and will
    lay down
    their life for their
    fellow human beings
    but one thing for sure is..
    severe stress and or physical
    illness can take human empathy
    away.. and starvation.. is a key potential
    factor.. but my dear Prajakta.. you will probably
    starve to death when it comes to that.. as i imagine
    even if you lose your empathy.. your aversion is so strong
    when you take the first juicy bite of human you will upchuck
    that flesh and blood.. even if cooked.. with a mighty sudden purge…
    As an empath losing my emotions and affective empathy feelings where
    i cannot even feel comfort from a cat.. fortunately I had plenty to eat.. and
    i do not even want to think.. what might of happened if I was starving to death..
    as i will tale you this.. as a person who survived the worse pain known to mankind..
    type two trigeminal neuralgia during all waking hours for 66 months.. named the suicide
    disease.. the human will for survival.. is incredibly strong.. our serpent AKA reptilian brain


    YES… i have much respect for those who do whatever it takes within reason to survive.. and
    beyond murder.. where affection of attachment leaves.. meat is life.. and life is meat.. and
    plants are life.. too.. but all eat each other.. in someway or another.. from the bottom
    of the food chain to top.. and i love plants
    too.. and now that i visit a farm and
    look at the loving animals in the
    eyes.. it gets harder
    and harder
    to look
    at that
    meat… It’s


  9. A super thoughtful post, Prajakta, and a conversation topic I’ve had many times with my kids. My daughter, from very early on, announced she was not comfortable eating anything that previously had a face. At the time I thought it was funny, but I realized that this was her level of sensitivity to food and I in no way wanted to either create a negative food issue for her growing up, or have battles at the dinner table. We eat a lot of vegetarian meals here in our house, mostly because of the health and scruptious qualities, but I was also raised in the Midwestestern U.S. – Wisconsin, and everyone was raised hunting and fishing for everything that didn’t come out of the garden. It’s a definite contrast from my life right now, but I had no issues with it back then. We were taught to be respectful of ALL life.
    But eating another person? Now that will require a lot more speculation.


    • Your daughter and I will get along fabulously I feel! I used to express the same line – it smiled and laughed and trotted. Respect for all life is utmost important.


  10. Interesting. I don’t think I could eat a human, but if my kids were on the same boat, I suppose I’d change my mind.

    LM announced that he was becoming a vegetarian when he was four. “Except for bacon. That’s okay, right?”


  11. Same pinch Prajakta! I meant for the last line 😉 haha.. yes, I don’t understand why it becomes an immediate goal to any non-veggie to force down a meat’s morsel down a veggie’s throat 😀 Like, why would you share your food, even the last bit if you love it 😛 (P.S. I can eat from all the plates and I try to all at once sometimes too.)


  12. First of all thanks for making me drool over that chocolate frosting Prajakta. I almost got hypnotized by it’s vortex ! ^.^
    I really liked how you tackled a kind of sensitive topic with such great humor ! It was quiet entertaining to read, the prospect of eating another human being was very enticing (and mouthwatering to my cannibalistic side 😀 ). Well if I really had no choice but to eat another human, my 8th grade teacher would do (long history there 😀 )


  13. Despite what one believes, or puts out as belief, I think what one will do when pushed to the brink of extinction, is a question hopefully one does not ever need to answer. But, worth thinking about. And, like someone else said, it is all relative. Humans recognise the existence of what they call the food-chain.


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