A Dreamy Interlude

There was an intense love, a circle of togetherness meant only for us. A happiness inside never felt before. A look in the eyes never seen before. A pace of heartbeat never measured before.

It is only the beginning of the ever after. Happiness has no bounds, but it is invisible. It is reigned in for those unguarded moments. It is subtle and delicate, twinkling like a star when no one is looking (maybe like the one shining on my finger). It is contained in that circle of togetherness.

Β Many people guessed that something was up last week and well… It was. The engagement. The first start of my forever, so to speak πŸ™‚ It took me sometime to understand what evolving means, and now I embark on a journey to understand what evolving together signifies. I have a feeling it is a journey that never really has a destination because there is never just one destination! There are turns and forks and slides and climbs. Perhaps, veer off the path and simply enjoy the foliage for a while. It is going to be exciting, fun and inspiring! With tons ofΒ schooling.

The first step that we are taking is a trip of a lifetime! πŸ™‚ Three weeks of pure happiness and immersing ourselves in a melting pot of cultures, adventures and sights. United States, here we come! Fall foliage, yummyΒ foods, colorful cocktails and road trips. A time to relax and find ourselves in new ways.

I am excited. Butterflies fluttering like mad! But it is not just the prospect of a long due vacation that is making me happy, and, at the risk of sounding unromantic, not just the prospect of travelling together. It is also making memories that I know for a fact can never have a round two. It is alsoΒ discoveringΒ theΒ versionΒ of myself I will meet while I am there. It is also carving different dimensions to the relationship that we are slowly building. Travelling thousands of miles is obviously not necessary for it, but it is a factor that has a heavy weight. It is really going to be one dreamy interlude, seemingly endless.

So it is a race to wrap up loose ends at work, complete last minute formalities and stay sane till the date of departure. It’ll be difficult to be around and keep up with my reading of all these wonderful blogs over the next month. Promise to come back soon and get on track!

Attention USΒ folks/people familiar with US: Some suggestions and tips for New York City and Washington DC is most welcome. New Orleans too! Food, places to see, hidden gems not on the tourist map πŸ™‚ And Oh! Best places to catch fall foliage πŸ™‚


75 thoughts on “A Dreamy Interlude

  1. Oh, congratulations, Prajakta! How very exciting for you! I was going to tell you to savour every moment, but it sounds like you’re already on course for that!

    As for fall folliage…..unfortunately, I think you’re going to be too late for that. Fall definitely on its way out over here now…..in another month, I think it will be gone. However, you’ll have good weather the further south you go in the states. New Orleans should be good (as long as there isn’t a hurricane!)

    As for tips…one of the very best things we did in D.C. was called D.C. By Foot – National Mall Tour. It’s a walking tour and it’s done by grad students that introduces you to all the major monuments in the Mall but it’s not your normal everyday tour for sure. Tons of interesting tidbits and not just boring histories with no personality. It’s also free! They only ask that you tip your guide what you think it’s worth at the end of the tour. Check it out on TripAdvisor.
    Beyond that, Old Town Alexandria is worth a look for a quaint day of shopping and good eating. It’s accessible from D.C. by Metro.

    I haven’t been to New Orleans or NYC myself, so I will leave those recommendations to others. Will profer the invite though…..if you’re inclined to visit Erie, my family would be most happy to show you the sights!


    • Ah!! πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for your lovely wishes and suggestions! We are doing a version of the walking tour actually πŸ™‚ Heard a lot about it online, so trying it out. And we are staying twenty minutes from Old Town Alexandria – will surely drop in for a look πŸ™‚ Will try for Erie, not too sure honestly. Thanks for the invite πŸ™‚

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  2. Congrats! These meandering thoughts of blogs always confuse me but I believe its about engagement and US travel. Love the idea of ‘circle’ of togetherness. Go slow, steady and positive to oppose the centrifugal forces πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Prajakta.. congratulations.. what wonderful news.. about your engagement and coming marriage.. and as a veteran of close to 26 years of that with the current most beautiful all natural woman in the world.. at least to me.. hehe.. at age 45.. is one of staying together with smiles.. laughter.. play and most importantly full disclosure with never secrets between the two..

    And truly it takes me about 23 years to get all that done and real for now.. but the sooner the better in practice for real.. is good for me.. at least.. and who knows.. maybe y’all too.. with smiles and winks.. and hehe! too..

    Hmm.. as a veteran of the United States for 55 years.. surprisingly the only places out of the state over 200 miles or so i have been is Helen Georgia for fall foliage.. passed now sadly for current trips.. New Orleans.. that for me was dirty.. and rather sad as there are so many poor and suffering folks there.. that i took notice of over the partying atmosphere..

    And in the actual city of Washington D.C. the other.. third place i go to.. it was about the same to me.. and i guess living in a smaller area.. has a lot to do with that too.. for me.. that may not apply to y’all at all..:)

    But seriously.. with the sugar white beaches.. emerald green gulf.. waving sea oats.. and breeze full of seagulls free.. along with the Rivers.. Forests.. and all my small town offers here.. with a little bigger metropolitan area.. with dancing and stuff like that.. a couple score miles away..

    i am spoiled..
    smiles.. simple
    and true.. and
    feel no need
    to go
    as this land
    is about as
    good as it
    can get…
    and by chance
    if you do get to go to any beach
    here.. the beach of Destin Florida
    with small beach town too.. is about
    as lovely as it can get.. and this time
    of year.. still warm and sunny enough
    to get a tan.. if one needs or wants one..
    but the beauty
    of it ALL to me..
    is surpassed
    the beaches
    of the Panhandle
    of Florida.. particularly
    in the middle of the Panhandle..
    spared by all the hurricanes of
    last decade.. like Destin Florida
    and the little ‘Seaside’ Village
    that is close to there
    that is the same
    place the movie
    SHOW with Jim
    Carrey is filmed..
    a real
    as real…:)

    But anyway.. hope you enjoy
    it all.. best wishes and fortune
    in Love.. Laughter.. and Life..
    for the
    two of
    you with
    and hey!
    Dance! if y’all
    do that for play!..:)


    • You have built a lovely life in the past 25 years πŸ™‚ Many stories between you and your wife.
      And this is such a coincidence, my sister just brought in her birthday with her husband at Destin this weekend. They are totally in love with the place! I will mark the place in Florida – hopefully can stop over!

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  4. Hey, Congratulations. I am near New York…but fall foliage is disappearing fast. You can travel to some parts in Virginia, if you are coming soon.

    Of places: depends on how much time you have and what do you like. Have a glance at my latest posts …they are of places close to New York.


    • I am hoping that I catch some of it at least. NYC is where I will be all days as well as DC About 7-8 days. Will definitely look around your posts and try to make a trip somewhere! Thanks πŸ™‚

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  5. Prajakta, wow, this is so cool. Congratulations. There is one very fortunate gentleman out there.
    The fall colours are pretty much finished in Canada, and I imagine many of the northern states like New York state would likely be past their prime as well.
    Although I have never been there, further south in Washington, there still might be some autumn colour.
    Enjoy your trip! πŸ™‚


  6. Woot woot !!! ~pops a bottle of celebratory drink~ Wow Prajakta, Many many congratulations from the bottom of my heart on stepping into this new era of your life. May you find all the happiness and prosperity in the world. Have the time of your life on this trip !!

    Much love to you ❀


  7. How exciting! I hope you will have a great time. Do you follow Lifestyles With Lia by any chance? She is in New York and I’m sure very happy to give you some pointers.


  8. Aw, I’m so happy for you! πŸ˜€ It’s times like these which mark milestones in the lives of others and which we are fortunate to witness that make me grateful for the blogging world. πŸ™‚ Congratulations and may God bless you both.
    As for the fall foliage, my cousin’s in D.C. right now and she keeps sending me beautiful photographs of vibrant red and orange fall foliage. Maybe you’ll be lucky? πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your trip, all the same!


    • Thank you so much πŸ™‚ This blog actually captures the reflection of how time passes by.
      I am hoping I stay lucky and the foliage stays for at least a week more πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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  9. Super big congrats to you Prajakta! ❀ I'm so happy for you. May your love grow for each other every day! πŸ˜‰ I can feel your butterfly through your writing. A truly sweet and wonderful post! Hope you have an amazing trip with lots of good food and beautiful memories! ❀ ❀ ❀


  10. Mazel Tov! That’s the English translation of “Congratulation” in Hebrew.

    If it’s not too late, check out the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in DC. Even if you don’t see a performance there, it’s still an interesting and beautiful spot to visit.


  11. Congratulations! In Washington DC, I enjoyed the National Botanical Gardens and the Native American Museum. I regret not going to the Lincoln Memorial, because I’ve heard it’s impressive. If I ever go again, I’d like to see Lincoln and the art museum. Enjoy!


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