Back !! :)

South Beach, Miami
South Beach, Miami

After almost a month, I am back 🙂 It sure feels like coming back home!

The trip was the most amazing experience I have had in my life. Three weeks of unadulterated bliss, exploring new places, people, foods, cultures, weathers and of course, some interesting spirits. The best of all was the time I spent with my sister for more than a week – the longest I have spent since she left almost five years back. It felt so good – we had our share of laughs and hugs and idiotic comments – and of course, that one standard sibling fight. Our time is incomplete without yelling at each other and making up eleven minutes later.

I am rambling. I am so excited! I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to describe. There were so many gems and landmark moments in this trip, each unique in their own way. Some were shared with others while some happened inside my head.  A blue, pink, red and gray sky holiday 🙂

A brief background – I went to Houston where my brother-in-law is based with my brand-new fiance (who is also a cousin of my bro-in-law)… yes! We played happy families indeed. After that there was Washington where I was lucky to catch the last breath of the fall colors. New York and New Jersey followed which also included a trip to Princeton. After that it was Miami baby! 🙂 A quick trip to Orlando and the Harry Potter Universe were a part of it. And then a relaxing Thanksgiving in New Orleans. It was back to Houston for Black Friday and then a happy yet tearful farewell to USA and my sister. Memories that cannot be weighed or forgotten I have carried back as my only souvenirs. I have left a part of me in each and every place I visited and I hope it blends in with the tokens that other starry-eyed people have left behind.

I did zero writing during that time – there was a lot to think and feel but nothing that could be translated into words. Right now, all I can think about is capturing those magical moments into my ink and try to spell it out to relive my entire trip with you wonderful people.

I will start making rounds and try to catch up on your writing soon. Apologies if I get a little late for your celebrations. It is December and the second-happiest month of the year! So yay… No holiday hangover.

47 thoughts on “Back !! :)

  1. Welcome back 🙂 Snow’s falling here too (on your space 😉 ) So many memories. The excitement clearly is jumping out from each word. Wishing many more thrilling trips and better ones ahead. Best Wishes Prajakta!


  2. Welcome back dear 🙂 I too had a 3 week break with no writings 😛 but yes we can’t stop our mind to think and create lines in our head 😀 we are wired like that 😉 waiting for reading your future posts 🙂


  3. Welcome back home, dear Prajakta! Reading your post brought tears of joy to my eyes. I so understand your happiness and excitement and also the farewell tears. I am so happy for you that you could have that all! 💖


  4. The first post I read .. It was all about how much u love your sister. I still remember that .
    Anyway its great to hear that u spent a lot of happy time with your family. And visited some nice places. And woohooo congratulations …


  5. Brand new fiance … lol (I really laughed out)

    Happy to see you back here. I hope you have a lot of pictures of the place. US is an amazing place, the one that deserves a motorcycle ride through the country side. 🙂

    I am happy for you, Prajakta 🙂 God bless!


  6. Welcome back! That water looks perfect for swimming. But I wonder if it was warm enough. The water was chilly on my December honeymoon in the keys. Which reminds me, I’m looking forward learning just a little bit more about this brand new fiance! Congratulations!


    • It was warm enough for a few people, I could bear it only till my knees 🙂 Plus we got caught in thunderstorms – the clear skies following were worth it!
      I will be telling a bit more about him.. Slowly and steadily.


  7. Such a joy to read this Prajakta. Words written such unbridles spontaneity. A fight and all, it would have been so wonderful to connect with your sister. You really packed a lot into those 3 weeks.:)
    Welcome back Prajakta! 🙂


  8. Omg, what a splendid trip you had! I’m so happy you had such a wonderful time with family…This post reflected your happiness and joy! I myself was away for a little while. So glad to catch up with ya’all! 🙂


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