Hello Uncle Sam!

That feeling when your vacation is just starting… The energy, the anticipation and the possibilities. The moment I got done with Immigration/Customs and took the first step in Houston, it sunk in. My first step outside India and it was unbelievable! The next significant moment happened 9 minutes later as I peed for the first time outside Indian soil.

Contrary to my expectation, my fiance (hence referred to as….. Mr. D!) and I felt at home from the first second. We dropped my bags at my sister’s place and then stepped out to City Center for some dinner. We had some pizza, burgers and the most yummy chocolate creme brulee cheesecake at this place called Ruggles. My first lesson – the serving size are humongous in this country! And a paradise with those drool-worthy desserts. My stomach started preparing itself for three weeks of ecstatic food binge.

The Halloween lights were still twinkling and they made a pretty picture as we took a walk down the lanes. With Thanksgiving and Christmas round the block, the mood was already being set.

First dinner - Introducing Mr. Skoo!
First dinner – Introducing Mr. D!

The next day I woke up at six wanting dinner (Bully for time-zones) and helped myself to a pre-breakfast. We stepped out to make the most of daylight and went to a nearby pond to say hello to some ducks. After that, we made a healthy start to our holiday and went for a run at the Memorial Park trail. The air was teeming with adrenaline and I was bursting into random peals of laughter at the sheer joy! The brightness of the sun was warm and the blue of the sky was welcoming. Every ray of sunshine represented a promise for the rest of the trip.

The pond where we said hello to ducks
A capture during our run

The run did wonders to build our appetites and we caught some brunch at Onion Creek. They serve the yummiest mimosas and incredible scrambled eggs in queso sauce! My brother-in-law was determined that D and I did not sleep off; he  did a great job at keeping us busy till late evening which included a stop at the Memorial Mall and a Mediterranean restaurant called Fadi’s. We also had to scramble at Target for a pair of boots for me because my sister’s were too big (My size turned out to be 4 – still a tad loose but better than 3!)

We were slowly getting used to right-side driving and feeling like kings of the road as pedestrians. There was still some disorientation about the time because of daylight savings which more or less stayed till the end of our trip – the sun setting at 4:30-5 was too much to accept! At dawn, D and I flew to Washington DC with big loopy smiles on our faces. Through our flight, we swapped first impressions which more or less stayed –

  1. The air is clean!!
  2. People like to keep their shutters down.
  3. The country really loves its cheese and condiments.
  4. Tipping is sacred and not doing so is a sin.
  5. Toilet paper deserves a special mention in Maslow’s Hierarchy for Americans.

And thus began my trip. First stop was Houston where we were essentially dumping our bags and then moving on to other places. Next stop is Washington DC – the place that stole my heart.


47 thoughts on “Hello Uncle Sam!

  1. Looking forward to enjoy your blog.it will be an experience to go to memory lane 31 years ago.Just for information that time I got visa w/o going to counculate.
    (incredible isn’t it )

    After some years visited counsulate’so residence with series of securities check..


  2. Wow…. wonderful. Nice to see you both 🙂

    You have a kind of similarity with my little sister in looks, who got married recently. Just got reminded of her. 🙂


  3. So glad that you “guys” are having the opportunity to experience another culture. Please help to spread the word that while not everybody is going to like American overseas policies, that should not turn anybody against Americans in general, or against their country. Have a wonderful time and, if you get a chance to travel beyond the US northern borders (to my country), you will find that it gets even better (my biased opinion of course!). 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  4. Prajakta,
    Nice descriptions and a good travelogue. Hope DC was as good fun as Houston.
    Never having been to Texas myself, it was a revelation.
    Thank you for sharing !


  5. I will add one more to first impressions:

    6. Always order water without ice if you are not used to it! 😛

    Nicely written Praj!


  6. Omg omg this so friggin’ cool Prajakta. So happy to see the guest appearance by Mr. D, you guys look adorable in that picture! 😀

    Pond looks quiet serene and beautiful ! Have a great tip ahead as well ! ❤


  7. As I recall, Texas may be about the same geographical size as India. I’m going to offer that as an excuse for why I haven’t seen very much in that state. As a space nut, if I ever get the chance to return to Houston, I would hope to visit Johnson Space Center. I was last in that city nearly 40 years ago, for a convention held in the Astrodome, a structure which I believe no longer exists. One of my oldest friends moved from Plano (near Dallas) to Austin, where a visit to her new custom designed and built home on the lake is on my list, as well as San Antonio.


    • India is actually almost 5 times the size of Texas 😀 But I totally understand since I feel I have barely covered an inch of my country. I missed the space station too due to lack of time but my parents say it is a must-visit. I hope you get a chance soon 🙂


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