Quaintrelle is “A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures”

This has been one of my favourite words for the last two years. Isn’t it absolutely pretty? The sound of it, the way it rolls off my tongue and exquisite feminine feeling of it is delightful. It talks of a delicate strength, of a woman who knows exactly what she wants and the most beautiful way of getting there.

What is your favourite word? Is there any inspiration you draw from it or is the sound of it?



41 thoughts on “Quaintrelle

  1. I have a lot of favourite words. I love exotic words, words that sound nothing like the way they are written.
    One of my favourites is “logolepsy”. It means an obsession with words. 😀


  2. WeLL.. the word Quaintrelle.. Reminds
    me of a Quaint version of a
    Belle.. but
    of course much
    more independent
    in impact and affect
    of free beauty..
    hmm.. and i
    what the male
    version of that would
    be and Google says Dandy..
    and Dandy is kinda like the
    older version of the
    and now
    but hey.. beauty is more
    than skin and clothes deep.. and for
    me represents a full experience
    of the human condition wheRe
    a person can experience
    both a masculine
    and feminine
    side as well..
    as Lord
    kNows.. smiLinG.. laugHinG..
    and even giggLinG iS a healthY
    way to be.. to live longer..
    and to express anger
    iN arts that are
    martial iS
    a great
    to keep it iN..
    hmm… i haven’t provided
    a word yet.. so i’LL go wITh an
    old fashioned one named Love..
    however.. Love iS a word of ART to
    me as iT can be ever growing.. iN ways
    of moving.. feeling.. sensing.. including
    sensuality.. n0w
    connecting and
    C R E A T i N G
    iN a Whitmanish
    way of seeing and
    BEAUTY iN the wor(l)d..
    and to clear for the non-
    poets among uS.. the now
    Walt version of Whitman
    iS experiencing iT aLL..
    with no
    fear of
    now.. groWinG hUman
    bEinG Garden as
    hmm.. Cosmopolitan-
    Love miGht be a great
    two-word stand iN..
    as Love
    can be
    so selfish
    and limited otherwise..
    when not fully experienced
    and shared with aLL others
    including Nature as
    sAME.. yeah.. now..
    that’s the REAL Love
    to me..
    my friend..
    Prajakta.. reAlly
    hard to do without the
    online hive of connecting
    so many different sAMe hands..
    and finAlly yes.. i for one have
    fALLen to textromancy..
    yeah that’s
    the ONE..
    and danceromancy..
    quiTe a


  3. It IS a beautiful word and it matches the meaning, don’t you think? Quite charming.
    My favorite English word is lollipop and my favorite French word is parapluie (umbrella) — they’re fun for my mouth 🙂

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  4. Oh wow, What a powerful word ! I never knew it even existed before! 🙂
    About your question of our favorite word, It reminded me of this spoken Poetry video I came across a while ago and became my instant favorite, here it is, it’s just as powerful if you wanna see ! 🙂


  5. Discovery -This word encompasses everything I believe life is meant to be. We should not walk through this single trip, without first discovering the hidden secrets -right outside our doors.

    I want to discover each detail of a life that began before me -and will end long after I am gone. If I can even touch another life, and discover their world -a flower will bloom.

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  6. Such a cool word Prajakta.

    The word I love the most is a simple word, and I probably use it way too often. It is AMAZING! There should be an exotic word, but I can’t think of one that would fit the role.

    When someone writes a great blog post or runs an incredible race, I would say “You were amazing”. When I see the world around me with all its grandeur, the best I come up with is “absolutely amazing”

    Perhaps I could find a better word but don’t know what to use! 🙂



  7. Ah,this is just lovely. New word for me, and I’m already repeating it and loving the sound of it. 😍 I love this Cosmetic brand called Bourjois. Their cosmetic as well as it’s name is very special for me! 🙂


  8. Charlotte is my favorite word though it’s a name but after reading Jane eyre by Charlotte Bronte. .I love it even more..


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