That Kind of Love


There is a kind of love where you burst fireworks and sing to your heart’s content.

There is a kind of love where you hold hands and slow dance on a deserted road.

There is a kind of love where you tuck into a quiet alcove with whispered dreams.

There is also a kind of love…

A kind that is surreal

Connected through the slightest flicker of the eyes

In the most fleeting touches

Tied by a wisp of gossamer thread

Where there is a familiar understanding even after years of separation.

A kind that is invisible but in the slightest curve of the lips.

The one you carefully lock in a dark corner of your soul,

Only to bring out as a guiding star in the pitch dark.

Your ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

It is the love that never was.

It is the love that never could be.

Yet, it is the love that got lost.

There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald


52 thoughts on “That Kind of Love

  1. Then there is the kind of love that I feel for Ray… which is different from the kind of love that I feel for my sister… which is different from the kind of love that I feel for a dear friend. So many kinds of love. How can it possibly not “make the world go around? :)”

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  2. SMiLes.. a great philosopher..
    probably.. hundreds.. thousands..
    and billions of ‘philosophers’ once
    said.. then and now..
    Love is never now
    as strong as it is
    when lost.. now..
    now.. now..
    is the greatest
    Love.. as Loving
    now.. now..
    is never now..
    lost tomorrow..
    as now is tomorrow
    too.. and yesterday doesn’t
    matter when Love iS Loving Now..
    In other words.. when Love is Lost
    People pay attention to Love now..
    Loving Now
    solves that
    problem now..
    but Now.. now
    iS the practice
    of Love Now..
    that counts
    when now
    successfully employed now
    as a way of life.. now in other
    words.. words are not enough..
    Doing Love now.. is all that
    truly counts now.. whether
    remembered as now lost
    or Loving
    Now.. now..
    now.. now. now..
    anyWay.. Love
    iS Strange
    Love iS
    and Love
    CAN BE..
    ALwAYS NOW..:)


  3. Woh log bohot kush-qismat thay
    jo ishq ko kaam samajhte thay
    ya kaam se aashiqi karte thay
    ham jeete jee masruf rahe
    kuch ishq kiya
    kuch kaam kiya
    kaam ishq ke aa’re aata raha
    aur ishq se kaam ulajhta raha
    phir aakhir tang aakar ham ne
    dono ko adhoora chhor diya

    ~Faiz Ahmed Faiz


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