Stranger in Me

There will always be a light
Seeking the light

The reflections lie incessantly

A downpour burning my face


Blinded eyes taped over and over

Words belong to the unknown self


Dark shadows prowl behind me

A sickening longing to look back


Face the unspoken dread lurking

And courage that falters in the end


I bend to light a candle for my soul

But the warmth is unbearable


Melts my icy skin into hazy vapour

A short-lived death and a dying life


At the precipice of a quaking balance

Spirit of the lamp inside fights back


A soft prayer of hope that still lingers

And lingers…

I am okay…. Yep! All good…

50 thoughts on “Stranger in Me

  1. Lesson of Life for me.. I’ll take growing oldest over being depressed to the point i forget what happiness iS.. AlWays happy to be older and happy.. Greater.. than wise.. Feelings count at the end and beginning of now..:)


      • SMiLes.. Yes friend.. Prajakta.. By the way.. Love the poetic way Prajakta sounds as a feeling unto itself and that is why i like my Pen name too for the music of it in lyric flow.. Ha! When you retire.. If you like you can become a poem too at essence if that becomes your full time hobby too.. It’s a weird but good feeling when all the words become a song.. Smiles.. Again.. When automatic writing is no longer coin operated.. Okay.. i’ll go.. before another poetic novella comes..;)

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  2. Poem = it kindles like a candle’s flame. 🙂
    Great piece. The P.S. note said it all.
    And forgot to mention that you look so gorgeous, not pretty, not good, not nice, but just gorgeous. 🙂
    Absolutely stunning.


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