Florid AH!!

My sister has been eating my head to put this up 😛 Stalking me everyday! This one is for her – Apologies for being off the grid. Will be around sooner!

From the cold of New York, D and I flew to sultry Miami. My sister was picking us and we had landed early. D got woefully reminded of my lack of machine knowledge when I kept calling out every second car as a BMW which apparently my sister has? Or wait.. was it Honda? I am not sure anymore. It was a nice car with butt warming seats – that meant D had to get out for every single errand as my sister and I refused to move our bums 😀

First Dinner @ Versailles

First evening was spent trying to molest my sister into giving me attention. I was dying for it after being deprived for five years! What was surreal was being with her in a setting that is NOT India and NOT home.

Next day we left for Orlando – two days of Universal Studios and Island of Adventure which translated in two days of Harry Potter. D and I used to be pretty insane about the series and this was our dreams coming to life. Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade delivered! We spent two days trying out spells with our wand, having butterbeer, going on those amazing multi-dimensional rides, catching Celestina Warbeck’s show, riding the Hogwarts Express and of course, wondering about our lost letters. Honeydukes was an absolute treasure as I sampled never-melting ice-cream, chocolate frogs and fudge flies. We also randomly roamed in other areas of the parks and especially enjoyed exhibits from Minions, The Mummy, Transformers, MIB and so on. By the time it was evening, we were dead on our feet but just not ready to stop. The place shone and twinkled with some wonderful smells easing our senses into a soft lull.

Insert Hogwarts theme music here
She taught me how to pose!

We got back to Miami and made grand plans of ferry, the multi-million homes and indulging in water sports. And because it was us, the weather played a spoiler and lo! We were greeted with THUNDERSTORMS in Miami! We made the best of indoors by helping ourselves to mimosas and wine and all day breakfast! And of course, shopping was on the cards – my sister is one of the best shopping companions ever. Her taste is amazing and this time she made sure I got my own stuff instead of raiding her wardrobe as usual! That felt like home ❤ A visit to Everglades worked out well as the weather set the scene for some thrilling time as we imagined being chased and attacked by those sleepy alligators. We also caught a show by the Gator Boys which was absolutely incredible! It helped that the guy was really good looking 😉

She also taught me to tie my shoes…
Everglades in the storms
Stranded in the boat…

Sunday was my birthday (YAY!!!) and of course, the forecast was thunderstorms yet again. Basking in the holiday mood, we still confidently made our way to South Beach ready to take on the world. I caught two radically different versions of the beach that day. It was dark and ominous in the beginning and this powerful spell of showers drenched us in half a minute! Wet and dripping, we were well into our “happy hours” when the sun shone in full glory. D and I happily albeit unsteadily made our way back to South Beach and whew! I realized the true beauty of that place. There were shades of blue vying for attention and luckily the beach was almost deserted. We grabbed a pristine white spot as our tequila-led spirits led us into dancing madly 🙂

The dark before…
Happy Hours 😀
Birthday Brunch!
And the stunning after!

A quiet evening lovingly led us to the end of my birthday and the end of the Florida stay as we were all flying to New Orleans – our last stop before it was time to say goodbye.

Love her !!!!

26 thoughts on “Florid AH!!

  1. Awesome .. Lovely pics and you guys had a good time.. although the weather played a spoil sport but hey at least you learnt how to pose and tie shoes. ..☺☺. Thanks to your sis..

    Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to you…

    Have fun and god bless…


  2. Happy belated birthday! Florida is a wonderful place. I miss it so much. In the Spring through Summer, it would rain every afternoon like clockwork. You could plan around it.

    New Orleans is also a lovely place, filled with music and dining experiences. I hope you enjoy that leg of the trip!


  3. Ah.. Florida.. yes.. “Florid AHH!!” alWays
    State of Flowers and Beauty.. Prajakta..
    and you and your sister certainly
    add to that on your trip along with
    your handsome fiancé..
    and of particular
    note.. your
    mixed heritage
    brings such an
    exotic shade of
    eye color..
    human beauty
    is the greatest flower
    of all in my opinion
    as i see it here..
    Your trip looks like so
    much fun.. and i really
    feel fortunate to live
    somewhere like
    this for
    a lifetime..
    my friend..
    and yes! Harry Potter
    and Magic.. it can be
    real for sure when what
    we imagine is what we create
    as real.. fearless.. passionate and
    Lovingly so.. when free as human..:)


    • You truly stay close to Paradise 🙂 And there is no mixed heritage on my side, complete Indian roots unless you count our ancestors about 500 years ago who landed up from Greece/Egypt! Thank you for the huge compliment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ha! Smiles.. Thanks for correcting me.. i mistakingly assumed your father was from a different country as it seemed he had lighter color hair in your 1977 Love story post.. Ugh.. i guess i was stereotyping all Indians with darkest hair.. And yes.. paradise is where i will to stay..:)


  4. A friend of mine visited Miami recently and could not stop raving about the beaches and Universal Studios, and then i read this! Oh how I miss the beaches, sigh! Really enjoyed reading your post and lovely photos of the family! And before I forget, Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂


  5. This post brought back memories. 🙂
    And, one can see the wonderful bond that your sister and you share with each other. You two look really cute! 😀 I’m sure that birthday was a memorable one. 🙂


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