A walk in clouds

Weightless and formless it dwells

Silent sheath of the great abyss

Frayed edges looking to be undone


Whimsical and discreet it floats

Disguised modellings of child’s play

Roving piercing eyes see none


Ticklish of the secrets it guards

Teases with views of the beyond

Mystic muse for fairy tales to spun


Broken and splattered it moves

Witness to beginnings and ends

Luminescent of the moods of sun

Dreamy Sunrises

24 thoughts on “Cloudstruck

  1. Lovely words and pic too.
    In this line “Mystic muse for fairy tales to spun” maybe need to add the word ‘be’ before ‘spun’ to read as “Mystic muse for fairy tales to be spun” ?


  2. As a child I used to lie on my back in a field, gaze up at the floating clouds in the sky and imagine I were floating on them. Always wonder why we “grow out of” this when we become adults.

    Beautifully written words Prajakta that took me to that place and time! 🙂

    THANK YOU!!!!


  3. WeLL..
    i like these two
    poems as some
    of the best i’ve
    read from you so
    far as trUly they
    are magic to me iN the
    mYsterY oF NatUre iN aLL
    Of wE wHo SinG free as
    NatUre uS..
    and trUlY.. mY
    FriEnd.. when oNe
    dances as the wind
    and water in sand of Free
    there is no gravity.. no time..
    only noW as bliss of
    now.. as my niece
    asks me today
    dancing with my great
    niece of several years old
    if i aM a swan.. and i tOld
    her.. yes.. perhaps an ugly
    ducKLinG iN form butt
    oF aLL 230 LBs iN
    fLoaTinG featHeRs..
    never the
    a graceful
    Swan oF Force…
    iN essence.. mY friend..
    Angels come in all colors..
    shapes.. sizes.. and even
    beasts when
    GravitY oF
    one water..
    wind.. sand
    and Sun oF ForceNoW..
    Time no longer froZen..
    WinD.. WateR..


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