My blog turned two today. I think it is almost fitting that this day should come right before one of the most significant journeys I will ever take in my life. I go on a twelve-day solo trip starting Friday – a first for me. I will be going back to the Himalayas after so many long years, getting lost in the great mountains and finding a different part of my roots that introduced me to the love of travel!

To celebrate the two years, I penned a poem to dedicate my first visit to the Konkan –Β said to be the rootsΒ of my family. Truly breathtaking – a virgin beauty.

They call this land my roots.Β 

The crimson gold of the soil,

The rich saltiness of the wind,

The dusted blue of the sea,

The blinding yellow of the sunsets.


They call this a homecoming.

In the lilt of the meandering streams,

In the sweet tang of the cashew fruits,

In the cooling shades of mango trees,

In the solemn nods of ripe jackfruits.


This is also a freedom from myself.

Flying out of the past, present and future.

Every breath a catharsis for the soul

For the lost sense of identity.

A nomad I was not for those moments.


With no pretenses or shields or inhibitions,

I found my color in the rainbow…

In the shower of blues and greens and whites and reds,

In the notes and tunes of hitherto strange sounds

In the shrine of my unknown yet welcoming ancestors.

Thank you everyone for all the support, the patience and the consistent motivation to keep finding myself through the medium of words – A different way to discover my inner self and their roots.


33 thoughts on “Roots

  1. I wanted to comment on your post for a long. Today I have got the opportunity to express my self. Let me first congratulate your blog as he or she is 2 year old.

    All the very best for writing journey. I have read many of your posts randomly.

    Second for writing a such a beautiful and serene poem on your journey to your roots.

    Wishing you all success and happiness time ahead.

    Keep sharing.


  2. Congratulations on your 2nd blog anniversary!
    The poem on Konkan is simply awesome. Totally understandable. When someone visits Konkan for the first time, that person can easily get lost in its untouched beauty & especially when your roots belong to Konkan, its always special.
    And all the very best for your adventure. Be safe. #HappyTravelling

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  3. Yes! Congratulations! I’ve seen your writing become deeper, richer, and more diverse over time as you grow as a writer and a person. Wishing you safe travels and wonderful experiences. πŸ™‚


  4. I love Himalayas .. The mountains.. BTW I had been to manali 2 yrs back. Go if u get a chance. Solo travel is even more wonderful.. U r free to make and change ur plan . the bliss of solitude .
    May you enjoy the experience on the mountains .


  5. A solo trip is a dream come true for me! How I wish to go for one! Wish you a safe and happy journey…The Himalayas will greet you with all its magnanimity.

    Congrats on your second blogiversary and a great way to celebrate with such a joyful, serene poem. I loved the way you have described your roots… πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to a couple of beautiful posts on your return… πŸ™‚


  6. Had been to Kokan on a few occasions but this blog of yours has really opened my eyes. Next visit to Kokan is going to be very exciting and now I know what is to be seen and enjoyed.


  7. What a beautiful post and somehow you can feel what you must feel at the moment while reading it. Well done. I hope this journey will be a wonderful one for you and I can’t wait to read about your experience and how it felt to reconnect again.


  8. Homecoming.. yes..
    and perhaps a larger
    global issue of NDD..
    Nature Deficit order too..
    and for me.. just 20 miles or so
    south as far as i can walk where all
    is left on beach is foot prints of me..
    i suppose we are all Indians my FriEnd..
    Indigenous people’s of Nature at HeARt..
    At spiRit of EmoTioNs and SeNses.. oF miNd
    and BoDy BaLanCinG soUl.. and what i kNow from
    19 years of total school and over 30 years of Work..
    thaT yes tHere is a going home in roots of Nature FEEL anD
    ancestors sAMe that needs to come in Vacation and eventually
    retirement way.. wHere the trUe Golden years are in Vacation
    and more tire for wheels that have lost the natural rubber of
    liFE thAt hold uS Close to wHeRe wE liVe iN siDe
    self-actualizing wiTh NatuRe wHole.. in
    interconnecting.. interdependent
    relationship aLL.. not something
    often found in four walls of
    office space
    or even
    cave walls home..
    a farther place of
    heARt.. oF SpiRiT
    soUl.. a pLace oF NatuRe
    home.. wHere wE never muSt
    we ARe..
    we are aLL
    onE buT true iT is
    not enough to pen tHis..
    one must get out of the
    cave and FeeL iT ouTside
    as aLL oF NatuRE wE as sAMe
    mY FriEnd.. and sUre i missed This
    post as i was at that Beach on Sunday..
    wHere i almost unplugged from electronic
    devices except for an extra set of eyes to
    record heaven.. to give iT and ShARe iT REaL..
    juSt to remind folks that Heaven does STiLL exist..
    of wE nOW aLiVe
    as Tree of LiFe away
    from caves of Knowledge
    without this liGht of Tree as free..:)


  9. Wohoo! So I’m just on time, Accept my heartiest congratulations on the anniversary Prajakta. Cheers to many more such years!

    And those images are indeed breathtakingly beautiful. Hope you have an amazing trip and you find peace and adventure!
    Lots of love,
    Zee ❀


  10. Congratulations for your Blogversary Prajakta! Hope your blog reaches many heights πŸ™‚
    A trip alone has been my dream too. I’m scared and have so many doubts. I don’t know if I can start a trip. Maybe I will some day. Do post about your trip and experience. Happy journey dear.


  11. Double Congratulations!
    Getting lost in the natural beauty is something i so long for. You are lucky to have taken that trip…hope you get back with wonderful memories πŸ˜€


  12. Congratulations and Happy 2nd Bloggiversary! You’re blog speaks for itself and I am glad I found you here. πŸ™‚ Once again, this is an amazing post and great tribute. Your words and photos say a lot. The place seems beautiful!


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