Lucky, Luckier & Luckiest


How many times have you failed in life?

If you can answer, is it because you keep count or that you have hardly ever failed?

Are you lucky that you have not had many failures? Are you luckier that you have had just enough failures to shape up? Are you the luckiest that you don’t see them as failures?

I don’t have a clear answer.

I would not go to the extent to call myself “Destiny’s Child” (damn! I really used this term, didn’t I?). But I can safely say that I have always been in the good books of fate or lady luck. Maybe I am her favourite pawn to test out theories that revolve around sheer good luck? Things have mostly fallen into place pretty easily – I haven’t really had to toil and shed blood and pant my way to the finish line.

That said, I have had some ‘failures’ in my life. Why the quotes? Because wise people would have called them stepping stones or life lessons.

One major one was on stage few years back that I have written about fairly recently. That taught me humility and the importance of keeping faith in myself. At least, that is what I feel now! Another one rocked my confidence at a critical junction. I couldn’t crack the interview at my ‘dream’ institute for my MBA. I thought that is when I had used up the Midas touch luck had bestowed on me.

I did get into another one equally good and the rest is history. And I thought I got over the rejection. Except that on my way to work, I pass the institute twice a day. And I torture myself by looking at the sign and feel the years of “experience” and “learning” melt away. I am back to stomping my feet. Bloody hell! I wanted an admit there.

Another cliche “it’s fate” is perfect here! This is where I feel that maybe I belong to the luckiest category. That interview was my first one ever and taught me lessons no other rejection has managed.

It also brought me to Goa and more importantly kept me away from Pune where I stay presently. Destiny was hard at work! She led to me to my present company and made me shift here at the most perfect time. The house I stay. The people I live with. And the people staying around. It made me re-establish contact with the right someone at the right time at the right place – Mr. D. A little earlier or later would have probably meant goodbye to what we have now. And that is not the price I’m willing to pay for that admit letter.

Or anything else for that matter.

Every time I tripped, I learnt to laugh at myself and keep faith; perseverance was secondary. Turns out, it was just one step closer to the greater plan sketching out.

That doesn’t mean I don’t feel those pointy twinges of failures – but I can live with them.

What are your stories with luck and fate? Are you the lucky, or the luckier, or the luckiest? I was propelled by Linda’s SOCS prompt “-est.” Base your post on any word you can add the suffix “est”.



45 thoughts on “Lucky, Luckier & Luckiest

  1. There’s a distinct possibility that you have managed to handle adversity is such a positive manner that it does not appear to be adversity at all. I don’t know if I believe in fate or destiny, but I do believe that whatever good fortune or bad luck we encounter, these events are ultimately the building blocks of who we have become.


  2. Similar to The V Pub’s perspective – Has everything fallen into place for you? Really? I would suggest that you have either consciously made the best of a given situation or, subconsciously accepted it on a “what will be..will be” rationale.
    Is it bad luck that we get caught doing something wrong, or good luck because we learned from it and avoided potentially bigger mistakes later? Is it bad luck that we struggled to survive for a while, or good luck that we learned to appreciate the basics of life?
    I have no doubt that we have all made mistakes, but that does not mean failure. Someone once said “Failing in life is not in being knocked down. Failure is not getting back up again.”

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    • You have given a lot of food for thought, and frankly I am not sure. I am scared to admit that at times, I am often working on the “what will be…will be” rationale. Thank you so much for leaving behind such a wonderful and though-provoking comment!

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  3. Timing has a way of making things happen exactly when they are meant to. It’s wonderful like that. If you do have those twinges as you pass that school that didn’t admit you, you can be thankful. Too bad for them, it’s their loss!

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  4. I am glad you chose to write on this topic…and you find your destiny at work as you moved to Goa. I guess you’re the luckiest one. 🙂
    Failures have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I have failures in every part of my life and now I am used to it. I don’t know why, but I can’t see any big picture of destiny, or as far as I know in so many years. People talk about being positive but I don’t know how its that simple. Either they haven’t come across any drastic failures in their lives or they have become too mature.
    At present, destiny or fate doesn’t bother me much as I have lost hope in that. We have got to do our own karma. Whatever can happen, will happen. I have learnt to embrace it….

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  5. Happened to read this just when “failure” was on my mind… But, then again, I believe everything happens for a reason, as you have established so well by sharing your story. 🙂

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  6. SMiLes my friEnd.. Prajakta.. Evolutionary speaking
    failure is part of the daily routine of foraging
    for missing the capture of prey or the more
    deadly aspect of not escaping predator..
    basic lesson
    and carry
    the biggest stick
    one can.. however.. these
    days the stick is a keyboard
    and a screen.. and standard
    IQ along with collective intelligence
    as written down.. i was blessed with
    standard IQ.. and when everyone else
    struggled in school it was a breeze for me..
    never even having to read the textbooks as
    memory for lectures would do.. the social part
    was beyond me.. but the key is it was beyond
    me.. so something i got used to as beyond..
    then.. so i went on with great
    success as a problem
    and the problems
    i solved eventually took
    my heArt away as that is what
    science shows mechanical cognition
    will do.. it more and less kills the poetic
    intelligence of the hEart.. so sometimes
    it’s hard to tale if one is a total failure in some
    ways as there is no view to the other
    potential world that some
    others can take for
    granted too..
    i would trade
    all the standard IQ..
    all the money i accumulated
    by being a proficient personal
    financial manager.. for just one
    poem of life my friend.. and that was
    a decades failure… in success i had no
    idea even existed then.. there is a world of
    what society says is success today.. and there
    is a world within that is scores of thousands of years
    old that dances and sings.. without a written word and
    that my friend is the poetry of the heARt that’s free.. and
    that’s why i don’t worry about likes.. followers or whatever..
    but the human touch is what has always made life worth living..
    and i find that greatest with a song and dance of life that has
    or sheet music..
    for me failure is not being free..
    so in reaLliTy of that i was never
    a success with riches.. or a gold
    star for doing the best in school..
    or being named Superman in both
    work and school for doing the most
    with relative ease through most of it..
    my HeARt was mostly an untapped as a resource for LiGht..
    but nah.. i don’t bLame myself.. as i knew not how or why i failed..
    as it wasn’t important to either school or work to teach liGht oF heARt..
    simply ’cause it’s a resource inside that can only be tapped with freedom..
    there are
    no lesson
    plans that
    work freely for creativity of the heARt..:)


  7. I absolutely agree with this, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe we fail to see the bigger picture or how the ‘other’ thing might be better for us than the one we are wishing for. It doesn’t mean that those ‘failures’ or ‘setbacks’ or ‘struggle’ didn’t hurt but I guess as long as it makes you stronger at the end of the day or makes you a better person or that you learn a valuable life lesson, it’s worth it ! 🙂


  8. Too many questions again Prajakta 😛 That said, love the way you put across things pondering and then forcing others to do the same (when you do write up such posts). Not sure about the luckiest but I surely fall in those laziest categories. (didn’t happen? well, there will be something out there 😛 ) P.S. had many failures to even count!

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  9. I agree with Zee here. That, everything happens for a reason and, also, everything happens to teach us a lesson. I have failed many a time in my life, lost opportunities….but later, when I did a post-mortem, I found out that there was fault in me, in some way or other. Luck does a play a role, but we have greater role to play in our life. 🙂

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  10. We learn from … Life is such I guess ..

    How many times have i failed Well Always.. nothing has come to me on a golden plate, and failure has always been part and parcel. But I have learnt a few things over time and ignoring the failure is one of them because the TRUE meaning of victory is only known to the one who did not make it .. what will the victor know .. they are busy celbrating..

    SO We learnnnnnnn…

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  11. What a timely post.. Ive failed a lot in my life, but think thats where all of my wisdom, common sense and street smarts comes from. Ive always have two choices I feel, “the right or conventional method, or the riskier route. My issue is, the “right way” might get me to my goal faster, but I know its comes at the price of my free spirit or fun.. While the risky way, might get me there slower and cause more stress and isolation; but it comes with more fun, fulfillment and growth.

    Excellent topic. You have a great outlook on life too.

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  12. A very thought provoking posts Prajakta. I think everyone at some point might have had failures of some sort. At the time like when I was 18 and I failed getting my driver’s license 4 times it was devastating. The 5th time I had a different person test me and I got my license even though my driving was no different. I found out later that the driver instructor who was testing me those 4 times had a daughter killed by a young male driver. He failed every young male driver who tried for their license.

    So often I don’t see the whole picture. Had a couple of breakups when I was dating that sapped the life from me. Then I met the person I married. We’ve been married 28 years, have 4 tremendous children. Instead of the word “lucky” (though I really am), I would say I am very, very blessed! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  13. Beautiful post unlike others i take failures as the most promising oppurtunity to test patience and the actions you choose in fighting against them.

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