Imperfect Jigsaw

Like a kaleidoscope, the images flashed through my eyes.

Where memory plucked a piece of time to cherish,

From past travels and adventures and journeys.

An autumn leaf, a blooming cherry blossom and a fresh snowflake,

Shaded with hues left behind by a piece of myself.


Slowly chipped away to nothing as I meandered far and wide,

But shaped back whole by the memory capsules I carried back home.

Fixed with mementos, an imperfect solved jigsaw was I.

Ever resolving. Ever evolving.

Ever travelling.

I stumbled upon this cool challenge “Writespiration” hosted by Sacha Black where the prompt was Kaleidoscope which made me ponder over the numerous trips and journeys and how they change us – and often, shape us.


18 thoughts on “Imperfect Jigsaw

  1. Aw, I could kind of make out what inspired this. Great thoughts, here. Quite relatable. Traveling does that to you. It just has that kind of charm. 🙂

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  2. SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Prajakta..
    wE.. species meant for travel..
    ForAginG for subsistence..
    alWays one with Nature..
    MoVinG.. ConNecTing..
    CreaTinG to gET the job
    of liFe fully doNe.. now to
    now.. day to day.. as Nature
    alWays chanGinG.. where tHeRe
    are no stiff cLocked rules for impriSonInG
    liFe of free within walls and ceilings and behind
    inches and inches of thin screen lives.. oh.. the free..
    it sees more than walls and ceilings and screens alone..
    ScreAMing to be free.. no different than our cat who runs
    around in the morNinG.. juST to escape to A sunshine patio..
    to take in all the sMeLLs of Nature that connect him to all that is..
    i’M sure he wonders wHere all thaT goeS when he comes inside..
    is wE Now..
    hAVe separated
    hiM from God aLL oF
    NatUre.. and he’s most
    alWays readY to go back
    out noW and be more
    of thaT aLL NaTure..
    my friEnd..
    i’M finding ways
    to better escape these
    walls and ceilings and
    screams of screens these days
    too.. and may you escape too.. my
    friEnd.. as travel oF Free that feels no
    limits of the more than ears and eYes iNside..
    of Nature God Freed as so much more oF liFe..:)

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  3. Lovely poem Prajakta! You always paint a vivid picture with your poems. I couldn’t describe the word “kaleidoscope” in a better way, you’ve certainly captured the essence of it! Loved it 💕

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