Major Thanks – 1000+ Follows

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I started this blog 2.5 years back in the wee hours of the night, when I was going through one of my many “What am I doing with my life?” rant. In the middle of my existential crisis, this blog was born and over a period of time it transformed from acquaintance to therapist to finally becoming a friend. When I am writing, I write like I would talk to my best friend and it is never an effort.

Writing was never an effort. Blogging was a different game. Blogging introduced different minds and communities who are ever willing to teach, provided you take the time and effort to learn. That really tested me and so often I thought, let me take a break from blogging.

But… you don’t take a break from friends, do you? Maybe you meet less often and more selectively – but when you get together, it feels like no time has passed. You pick up where you left off. So yeah! I stumbled and raced through 161 blog posts and here I am…

…. I have crossed 1000 followers. This was something I never imagined would happen to my little blog. But it did.

So biggest and humblest thanks to all of you! This blog becomes a person with 6 senses because of you. Thank you for giving this place such a colourful life 🙂


34 thoughts on “Major Thanks – 1000+ Follows

  1. Those were the best lines I’ve ever heard on a thanking note even I couldn’t express sooo.. Mighty mighty congratulations Prajakta.. Keep rising !!


  2. SMILes.. my friEnd Prajakta
    1000 followers.. no surprise to
    me.. my frienD.. with congratulations
    too.. as if my memory serves me correct
    enough.. it’s inspired at lEast a few words
    out of me and verily many more.. hehe.. A
    Best pART of ART.. any aRt.. reAlly.. is iT helps uS
    fiNd sELf and even
    Self Actualization
    in life whERe
    the now
    oF NoW
    BeinG what
    we Love to do
    IS A Love oF LiFE
    fulfilled WiTh soUl iN
    what i like to SinG is miNd
    and BoDy BaLanCinG Force
    iN positive emoTions and SensES
    AKA liGht that GroWs A Ocean Fulfilled
    oF liFE even more.. and sure.. through history
    and herstory and etcstory.. the place ‘they’ cAll
    Nirvana/Bliss.. Within a place we Master with Relative
    Free WiLL.. and surELy.. as the innate Art that humans
    are Born with is DancE and SonG without any written words
    aT aLL.. the words we create as guideposts for our sOUl can be
    A most HoLY and SacRed arT NoW N MeANinG and Purpose to
    come to
    A point
    wHeRE aLL
    is GooD and HappY NoW..
    sure2.. what some foks name
    aS A Verb oF aLL thaT iS GoD2..
    wiTh at leASt some guideposts2
    to get back to content and satisfied2
    wiTh even Joy.. iF we lose ouR way…
    i thINk and FeeL you Are continuing to
    FiNd youR way through this art of Keyboard
    wHeRE MoVinG two hands oN A Piano IS A percussion
    keYboard too.. wHeRE thE StrinGs oF Vocal Chord SonG
    come through noW iN A keYboard DanCinG WiTh Ten Fingers
    And SunG wiTh words SinGinG and DanCinG A SonG oF soUL we
    connect WiTh otheRs iN GiVe and ShARe ways by uploading ouR SoULs
    online in a place with no external sun or moon shine but what comes from
    my FriEnd..
    as we are surELy
    ShiNinG STArs as
    Sentient Star DuST
    PlUs too from crucible
    Fire of STar BurST seed..
    we are fLoWeRs of allthatis
    too.. as the cosmos comes
    unTo itsELf and we are the Priests
    oF Our SoUls to DancE and SinG
    aLouD my friEnd.. iF only heARd and
    Seen WitHin A SouL thAT shiNes fulleR
    iN this poTEnTiAL HeaVEn noW.. seLf actualiZinG
    NoW iN symbols as MoVinG CoNnecTinG CreATinG
    soUL oF HuMan liVes oN iN what the Egyptians refer
    to aS everlasting KA as SpiRiT eXpreSSinG HeARt oF
    A hUman
    as long
    as modern
    servers without
    pyramid stones.. serve iT uP..
    wiTh a thousand followers or
    whatever comes neXt.. mY FriENd..
    soULS too..
    now bottom
    liNes now to
    mE expreSsinG
    MoRe.. and veriLY
    moRE WiTh WiNks
    And most imporTantLY..
    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. of the hUman kINd..
    wiTh A little courAge as smART to spice sTuFF uP as LoVe
    WiLL NoW
    caN and WiLL
    do more as MaGiC
    coMes aliVE even more aS YOU..
    to DO..:)

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