Glass: Handle with Care

I am thinking of a delicate piece of glass – intrinsic and complex in its design; absolutely beautiful with the rainbow of colours glowing under the sliver of sunlight. I would be so scared to get close and touch it initially. I would want to admire it from a distance. Perhaps… I can reach a point where the glass is so inviting that I muster the courage to take a closer look and even begin holding it.

From trembling fears to a confident grasp, I become more comfortable in picking it up and carrying it with me. I might even try to guard it from prying fingers and jealous eyes before I calm down and let it be free, clean and safe in its own zone.

I don’t want to risk becoming too callous with it though. While I may have overcome my initial apprehension of handling it, I don’t want to get carried away and juggle it with other delicate items on the mantelpiece… Lest it crash and break into a thousand glittering pieces just because I was too careless and neglected to pay close attention. I want to preserve and respect its unique beauty and worth. That way, the glass lasts forever with me without losing its sheen and significance.

And then I look at what I have scribbled above and replace the “glass” with “relationships”… it kind of tells me the same thing about how I should handle them. If only I did well to remember this … the world will be a great place to live!

Written for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jo January hosted by Linda. Check out her blog for a revolving round of fun and insights and happiness.


11 thoughts on “Glass: Handle with Care

  1. I agree, Prajakta! The hearts of others and the connection between hearts (no matter what kind of relationship they are connected with) is precious and needs to be handled with care!


  2. Excellent anology. How beautifully u have expressed prajakta. Simply love it. Yes relationship are fragile ,delicate .. Needs to be nurtured well and handled with love ,care..


  3. “I don’t want to get carried away and juggle it with other delicate items on the mantelpiece… Lest it crash and…”

    Ah, such a well-crafted piece. Great analogy. 🙂


  4. sMiLes.. my friEnd.. Prajakta..
    so many people but so really
    few intimate connections for so
    many folks these days as we hide
    more from FriEndship sMiLes
    and other touches of flesh and
    blood are hidden
    of bits
    and bytes…
    there IS A book named
    “Bowling Alone” that speaks
    to this more modern issue well..
    so.. you are correct.. what friendships
    there are.. are surELy valuable to honor
    as any fine glass in the china cabinet.. aT lEast..
    hehe.. anyWay that’s why i dance everywHeRe.. an
    excuse to keep my head out of screams of screens..
    and reAlly..
    tHeRe iS
    no way
    i don’t connect
    with folks as non-verbal
    language and human emotional
    and sensory affective empathy
    connections are the mainstay
    of overall human connections
    and surely dance spreads
    some liGht ouT
    iN the
    Public.. haha..
    friend or foe aS oNe
    surELy cannot eXpect
    everyone to warm up to very different..;)


  5. Sometimes I wish that the glass belonged to just one person. When more than one comes into the scene is where things tend to go wrong. If one isn’t really careful about the glass like the other? As long as we are alone in something, it is easier to handle is what i have learnt 🙂 Thought provoking write up Prajakta


    • Thank you for a though-provoking comment, Ranjini! In the end, it all depends on how carefully we handle the glass(es). We can do them on at a time too… Each glass gets a special way of treatment depending on its type 🙂

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