Talk to the Mirror

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Almost there!

I don’t remember the last time I really looked at my reflection in the mirror – not even on my wedding day. Typically I spend a few minutes required each morning to ensure that I pass off as a reasonable human specimen at work. Otherwise, I simply avoid looking at myself and examining what or who is really looking back at me.

It has been a whirlwind few months for me… Physically, I have taken some time off to rejuvenate. Mentally? It’s a blank slate. It was a riot outside of me while inside there resided a long silence. It is still quiet – I do have thoughts that flicker like a match – aflame and powerful for a moment then quickly burning out into smoke and ash *my drafts folder nods enthusiastically*

It feels like I was living in a dream while dreams feel like reality! My life gets a … life… at night as I am dreaming away to Pluto; I feel more alive then instead of the waking hours as a clockwork human where I am just checking off my present and losing the sense of time. Looking into the mirror and trying to talk to myself was difficult as we were both working on different surreal platforms. What if I don’t recognize the person in the mirror? Or what if we get into a fight? They are both me right?

I know there is no permanence to this phase of feeling “out of it” as I am already getting back in it! It’s just a slow evolution which is work in progress – that should explain the limbo stage of life.

Every day I tell myself – tomorrow I will look at myself really hard in the mirror and stay longer than the time taken to apply my eye-liner. I want to talk it out – bring closure to our incomplete conversations.

Til then, I will just sleep it out – that works, right?

How do you talk to yourself, if you do? Written for JustJoJan – today’s prompt was “Incomplete” as given by Cyn of That Cynking Feeling. 


50 thoughts on “Talk to the Mirror

  1. It is really important that the “mirror you” and, and the “real you”, come to some common perceptions. Not only will you both be in harmony (= a happy Prajakta), but you will adapt so much easier to changes as your life progresses. Never under estimate the importance of talking to yourself (stay positive!) in the mirror. It is a standard suggestion for people experiencing low self-esteem as the sub-conscious does not apparently distinguish between a friend facing you and talking, or “the mirror” talking to you. It can be a very useful strategy in so many situations, so sit down in front of your mirror and tell yourself what it needs to know … just keep it positive! 🙂

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  2. I talk to myself (and the dogs) more since I’ve supposedly “retired” and I’m home more. Several years ago, I learned to say, “I love you,” when looking in the mirror. It felt weird at first, but over time, it got to feel good because it came true. Be gentle with yourself when you look in the mirror. Try to end by saying at least one nice thing, even if it’s something simple.

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  3. That’s funny. I deliberately make it a point to look in the mirror and give myself a big, crazy smile. If I’m sad, it uplifts my mood, and if not, it serves as some great three seconds of entertainment. 😄 I have a post on this (smiling at yourself in the mirror) in my drafts. Haha. Hope you, too, take some time out today to give yourself a big smile!


  4. Haha.. “when i look in the Mirror
    i see a Unicorn.. A Bad Ass Unicorn”
    well i guess.. in A style of the Super
    Hero Named Fred off the Disney
    Movie.. Big Hero 6.. this is
    suRely true
    in a
    more fully
    revealed and surely as
    passionate about liFe.. as ‘me’..
    ‘talking to the mirror’.. my friEnd..
    is talking to the within.. the paRt
    of us that is at lEast 14 Billion years old
    according to science.. innate instinct
    and intuition that sings and dances
    oF our fore bearers iN this great
    miracle of life noW oN this
    planet eARTh even
    for the
    smAllest of
    sea creatures..
    millions of years ago
    who are also our parents
    as is crucible star burst death
    oF F aLLen stars and riSinG liFe
    noW iN the Love of hUman eYes
    or not for this fullest miracle of liFe
    that can be heaven on earth now full of
    abundance if we all look within to find the Love
    and Harmony and Peace of Love that lives so bright
    within surviving all the struggles to coMe to this point
    of Loving iT aLL as A Buddha miGht say and those other
    so-called enLiGhTeNed ones to see all as beauty is to be
    trUth and LIGht as beauty sees and hears a Song of Bliss..
    well.. my Friend.. tHeRE was a day iN decades of work.. a Hurricane
    named Ivan and the destruction of the byproducts of cultural infrastructure
    that brOught me to the reaLiTy that all of my life was out there and there was
    little left inside to relate to in deeper ways of words or other symbols and
    guideposts as signs to deeper holy and sacred meaning and purpose then
    iN/aS life… Years more went by lost from self.. And pain and disability took
    ‘me’ away from culture again.. no choice but to look within
    with effective use of eyes and ears gone..
    no more emotion.. mostly bLack
    wHole soUL.. i climbed
    out my
    and found
    within and the
    within i live now
    has no limits as a smile
    as wider as infinity of Love
    wHo refuses to shine any less than Love..
    As aLWays.. thanks for the inspiration of your
    words.. my friend Prajakta.. as truly as long as
    you seek answers to the questions of life they will come..:)


  5. A very cool post Prajakta. Felt like I were listening in on a conversation of you talking with yourself. Which is a good thing, as I talk with myself often!

    Have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂


  6. Well, I guess maybe I need to learn how to talk to myself, a quality that drives me crazy when I’m around people who already do! If I try to talk to myself in the mirror, I will probably only notice the wrinkles, lines and sags in my face, but perhaps if I stand at the right spot without putting on my bifocals, I will be able to see only my satisfied smile and my curious eyes reflecting back at me!

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    • Why must you see wrinkles, lines and sags in your face. I have all those things (plus a few more), but when I look in the mirror, I see many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. I see eyes that have witnessed so much. I see a skin covering that says I have had a long life. In fact, I see a face that tells me I have experienced possibly every emotion possible. I have almost drowned in despair, and have sobbed from uncontrollable laughter…. and had an infinite number of variables in between!

      The next time you see a much younger person, acknowledge their smooth complexion and tight skin. Acknowledge their natural (perhaps!) hair color, and their sparkling eyes. Acknowledge all aspects of their youth, but then feel sorry for them because they have yet to experience life in all its wonder.. and trauma!

      Go and look in your mirror, and give yourself a big smile, because you have survived this far, while so many others did not. Smile that you are alive, and can still see yourself in the mirror! You have so much to be thankful for, so just accept those aspects of aging as medals awarded based on experience! Smile! 🙂

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    • I couldn’t have put it better than Colin here… And those curious eyes have seen so much and learnt so much; I am sure they will be your best feature for the wisdom they carry 🙂

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  7. pretty true !!
    the mirror reflects the true nature of your soul , and shows who you are
    that’s beyond the physical spectrum
    afterall when I do see in the mirror , its my eyes that I watch . that reflect my truth .


  8. I look in the mirror as little as I can, My appearance is not important to my soul. We show the world what parts we want them to see. I forbid to let my soul fade in the darkness as should you. Look in the mirror and let your soul tell you some home truths. You will have to make peace with your soul but always remember to let the light shine. Keep smiling.


  9. Getting lost in the thoughts, and questioning which is the real world, it happens a lot with me too. And I too don’t look actually into the mirror, but I do imagine that I am looking in the mirror, and talking to myself. It is more trippy than actually watching yourself in the mirror.


  10. Excess of everything is bad, remember? Once you get used to spending more time with yourself (virtually), you might have no way out!

    I would rather be at peace with current situation 😊


  11. That is a bit unusual for a girl.

    But then there are other mirrors, that try to reflect many things about us, unsolicited. Though not always truthful.

    There is no way avoiding the mirrors. Mirrors mirrors everywhere.


  12. Haha…i love this writeup as the same goes with me due to my poor laziness,hardly spend a minute to see myself on mirror but its quite strange to know a women no time for mirror😛😛
    Have a great week ahead!


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