Image result for person drowning underwater

Ever felt so stifled by a life jacket?

That the one thing keeping you afloat,

is also the hand choking you.

It compresses your lungs, on and on,

until you cannot scream or draw in a breath.

Your hands itch to scratch and tear free

the suffocating grasp of the jacket.

You are ready to chance drowning

just to take one fervent gulp of pure air.

Darkness and silence of the void beckons more

than the ringing of your conscience,

than the shine of the blinding sun,

than the last fire of burning lungs.


23 thoughts on “Stifled

  1. Hello.. Prajakta.. “LIfe Jacket”..
    alMost like a metaphor
    for Golden
    of the
    Employee chained
    to the same routine
    of predictable subsistence
    until the Golden Pot of the Rainbow
    comes in at the end of mundane..
    predictable insanity..
    as it were
    for me
    for sure
    as same
    in Einstein ways
    of Insanity then away
    from jail now as Life Jacket sAMe..
    The irony is as sOUr as iT is DelicIOUs
    my friENd for what almost killed me
    evenTuaLLy set me Free.. and
    yes.. the same can happen
    with whatever significant
    otHeRs are in the
    of the heARt..
    the SpiRit and
    the SoUL in ultiMate
    Expressions as aRt of LIFE Free..
    no problems tHeir as the only rule
    in my household is free for all..
    in terms of harm no otHeRs..
    Rule my
    A Life Jacket
    unwrapped and
    LiVinG StiLL.. FReED as ARt..
    heHe.. LiterAlly alMost as such
    as my first two naMes are
    Frederick Arthur..
    kiNda like Fred in
    liFe JackETs
    mY friEnd.. nOne..aLLFReEDnow..;)


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