Memory Lane

Back in the old city

Down the memory lanes

Treading the frozen times of yesterday


Remembering our dances in rain

I can almost feel the touch of your hands.

And smell the lost scents of your laughs.


What dissolved those moments of love?

When did one shadow abandon the other?

Why did the sands have a single set of footprints?


No vows of staying close.

No conditions to walk together.

No binds to name the relationship.


Yet cold winters later

These glorious summer storms,

Find your name as a sigh on my lips.

Memories are funny, indeed.


37 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. So beautifully melancholy, Prajakta. These are feeling that all of us encounter, but you have manage to take the sadness and write a heartfelt poem. ❤


  2. SMiLes.. WiNter
    of SNows
    in foot
    print of HeARt fouNd now..
    heHe.. for me.. wHo kNew..
    who feLt.. who SeNSed thaT
    Digging wHole of Septic Tank Drain
    Field aNew in a kind of ultimate Spring
    Cleaning Break could and does BRing
    back a lifetime of Memories as
    ScentS and FeeLinGS
    of Life more
    aS Love
    to me.. from
    Digging holes
    to China.. finding
    a 1919 copper penny
    at age 5 or so.. to Archaelogy
    Associate at UniVersity iN EsCavaTioN
    of Carbon Fragments and Bones of Indian
    Subsistence.. heAR.. to Building a New home
    in Fall of ’93 as Dirt yard landscaped with
    Green oF eXpensive sod.. as i remember
    now the seed didn’t take and the
    cycle of Life
    and Love
    moveS oN as
    boTh SpRing NoW aGaIN
    Cleaning and Breaking Sod
    iN Life aS Love.. Memories
    are Emotions.. and Emotions
    are Memories.. and a great indication that
    your are healthy and well.. mY FriEnd Prajakta.. aS
    witHout EmoTioNs aS Memories NoW is suReLy empty morE NoW..
    And as
    Days goes
    and comes more..
    Poetry exercises
    A Love Muscle
    morEover aLL EmoTions oF heARt NoW..
    aS ‘they’ say.. SpiRit expreSsinG heART iN MiNd
    And BoDy BaLanCinG soUL greaTer NoW…
    aLL that’s
    Dance more to/for me..
    NoW iN gOld oF Years2..:)


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