Holiday Hangover

Well…. The France trip happened and it happened in the best version of itself 🙂

Came back earlier this week and just getting back to my routine. I think today is when I feel I finally slept like normal and pooped like normal. That’s a sign of routine, right? And while I am still very much in a daze after diving deep in the French paradise, I am actually not unhappy that my vacation is over and the next one isn’t even visible in the far horizon. Perhaps, I am so content with the experiences of the last 17 days, I am really upbeat to embrace my day-to-day life. There is no wistfulness – the familiarity of the city, the work is something that feels good.

Not the heat though. I swear I am getting baked every time I step out.

Some more details about the trip… we had split it in three parts – 5 days of French Riviera, 5 days of the Alsace wine route and 6 days of Paris. The weather couldn’t have been better! It was cold and cloudy just on our first and last day. Otherwise clear sunshine and blue skies prettily dotted by random wisps of clouds. It screamed vacation weather! We had rented apartments at each place through AirBnB – Nice, Kaysersberg, Strasbourg and Paris. We got really lucky with our choices – warm hosts, beautiful cozy flats situated very conveniently and great company in each other 🙂

I hardly opened my WordPress app – I did see that the April A-Z Challenge is on in full swing! Some people have had some great developments and even books being released 🙂 Over the weekend, I hope to sit down and spend a good few hours to read on what I have missed.

It is GOOD to be back! Hope the travels make for some good and new writing inspiration. Sharing some pictures from the trip – will be writing about the details soon!


21 thoughts on “Holiday Hangover

  1. Welcome back…hope you’re doing fine…there’s not only A-Z Challenge but NaPoWriMo and few more going on in full swing…so your weekend blog routine will be a chock-a-block…a laugh out loud smiley…


  2. Welcome back.
    Nice beach photo ? & Other photos ? Do post. Like US visit , write in detail.
    During the same period I was at Natu la pass ( 14159 feet altitude ) with Col. Prashant. Helicopter ride around Kanchanjanga both were memorable life time experiences. We also had glimpse of Mount Everest .Lucky to have good weather & clear skies.


  3. Great to have you back, safe and sound 🙂 Magnificent photos and, yes, I totally understand it would take some adjusting to get back to daily life after being in France. Did you find your experience with Airbnb to be a positive one? Hugs


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