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I admit I haven’t done a good job of sticking to my wish to blog at least once a week.

I admit I haven’t done a good job of reading other blogs as regularly as I would want to.

I admit I have fallen back into my hustle and bustle after my vacation in spite of promising myself that I will take it easy and find time to breathe.

I admit I am neglecting my health and workout routine.

I admit I need to sleep.

I admit I need to stop with the admissions and plunge head on into what has been happening.

The big one first – I moved (yes again!) to a new place with D 🙂 We have rented an apartment and the last few weeks have been just about setting it up, cleaning and washing, decorating, getting appliances and making it less echo-ey.

We are slowly getting used to calling it home. Opening the door after a long day feels GOOD! This is our space – our first big adventure post marriage (even though we are so lazy that we haven’t officially gone about registering our marriage. All in a good time! Till then, I will enjoy my “single” life”)

One thing I realized is that the initial phases of setting up simply consist of 3 Es – excitement, expenses and exhaustion, the order is entirely upto you! I am also realizing the gravity of what living with someone entails and how different it is from having roommates. I really need to get used to sharing my bathroom with a guy on a permanent basis. However, I am trying to convince him to use the common bathroom in the hallway so that I can queen over the one attached to the bedroom.

Overall, the house is almost done. A few corners and a few nooks need to be handled, but otherwise we are functioning smoothly. The WiFi is (finally!) up and I can access my blog, baby elephants GIF pages and Buzzfeed quizzes to check which dog breed I am 😀 I can’t help but feel pride and a sense of ownership within these walls. It is entirely our domain. Looking at D working by the table and tossing him bits of paper with messages makes me think, that yes… We will find time to breathe and fully delve into making a home in every sense!

How has everyone been? 🙂

30 thoughts on “Admissions

  1. Oh my, I have full understanding that you are busy with some other “little” things. First and foremost: Life comes first! But I am glad your life is exciting. That is all that matters!
    So, is mine… amazing how everything works out. And in my job, I am jumping up the career ladder in highspeed… lol!

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  2. SMiLes.. i have all the so-called money
    i WiLL/CaN ever need NoW and
    wrote 1.618
    in a year
    but can’t muster
    up the focus to call
    a Painter to touch up the
    Flakes of Aluminum Siding
    Trim at the top of my Brick
    Home to keep up with
    the Jones
    Next Door..
    yet.. i find time to
    Dance in Public 166.66
    Miles a Month STiLL so what’s
    going dOwn is what’s going uP mY
    FriEnd Prajakta now and OMG God
    i’ve made this a several year Hobby of
    responding to everything my online FriEnd
    from India.. Prajakta writes about in somewhat
    Poetic Response and this time she beat me
    by two of my Blog Posts before i finally
    cAMe to do what i aLways
    Do without fail
    as people
    are the most
    important LiGht oF
    aLL.. particularly people
    who accept me NoW and
    do not shoo me away like A
    Gad Fly WiLL who never GLows
    Fire Flies and Diatoms the way that
    Glow was/is done before.. anyWay.. NoW Lord
    KNows FeeLs SenSes the WorKing Years then
    And Getting Married and MoVinG From Apartment
    to Apartment and Finally Owning a Home.. and a Sporty
    Car Mortgage too.. hehe.. are all things i reminisce with a
    Certain Level of the Pain of Bondage my Friend and to
    be Clear the wife is only a yes dear paRt aS WhOle
    oF aLL oF ThaT.. but to truly be in control as
    far as work and money goes.. With Health
    oF WeLL BeinG iS A best giFt oF aLL
    And i guess the real weekend most
    everyoneNoW Is WoRkinG foR 2..
    iS Free juST Free iSn’T FREENoW
    thaT aLL wE Want juST Free.. WitH
    A ContinUinG sIDe Order of LoVE/WiLL
    too.. to Be all thaT We CAN and WiLL Be2..
    NoW thing is mY friEnd.. took me to 53 to get
    tHeRe but NoW iS eTerNiTy witH No tiMe oF iN Free
    And i WiLL Wish and Hope the sAMe Breeze oF WinD
    for yOuR
    Loved ones too..
    Free to aLWaYs Be..:)


  3. Heartiest congratulations Prajakta! It’s Indeed a task to set up a house and then make it a home. With your description, i travelled 6 months back when I came back post wedding and we both took all those efforts in finding grind, curtains, selling up kitchen, unpacking, cleaning and what not… That too on with handling work!

    It’s actually fun. All the best!


  4. This is a beautiful writing…I will keep this mind…may be one day I will use it in one of stories…
    Congrats for your new home Mr. D and You…


  5. Hi sweetie! Glad you popped in to let us know how you’re doing 🙂 I think in time you’ll get more used to living with D, although I would be like you finding it hard to share my bathroom! I did so at one time though so I know I can do it,,, it’s just that I like my space too hehe! Don’t worry that you’re not on here as much but we just want to know you are happy 🙂 I hope you catch up on sleep soon xx


  6. Sometimes life just takes over. I’m struggling to stick to my normal blogging routine as life is busy at the moment and my brain is occupied with so much stuff that it’s sometimes really hard to come up with good posts… I decided to take some time off and head to the beach for a nice long walk in a couple of minutes. I know it will be so good.


  7. Ah, to be twenty something, or in my case thirty something, and to just starting out as a couple again. Actually, maybe not, since I was also pregnant at the time. In your case, though, I’m sure you both had the energy, and hopefully the time, to do all these things, to make all these adjustments while at the same time dreaming big dreams about your joint future, Congratulations, good luck, and may you experience only health and happiness in your new home.


  8. Hello, again, Prajakta! Good to note Your ‘Admissions.’ And, as a 71 year old man, and somewhat experience, would say, Catch up with Your Sleep first. The other things can be attended to later. …We cannot do without Sleep. …Love and Regards. 🙂


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