Strings of Love

Perhaps it is simply an illusion

A myth taken from the pages of time

To make us covet, to make us feel

Instill a sense of direction.


When we are all just puppets,

Held by its strings on destiny

A nameless formless intoxication of the mind

Led by the skips and tugs of the heart.


Yet when two destinies collide

Tales are written and celebrated

Inked by the pull and push of the forces

Whimsical and barely out of reach


Connects us to people and memories

Unties the knots of emotions

Releases the pulse of your inertia

Rushes the blood to the core of your soul


A kinetic energy that sparks between them

Beyond science and engineering

Lighted by the divine interstellar explosion

Otherwise simply referred to as love.

Simply love.


26 thoughts on “Strings of Love

  1. For Strings now
    are connections
    wHo see and
    hear more than
    linear projections..
    funny squares and
    angles when
    so smooth
    out of
    oPen More touch now
    Strings evermore now alive..
    OTHeR than that
    Prajakta.. your
    me.. thank
    you very much..:)


  2. Wow.. you linked love with kinetic energy too.. interesting.. all that I have to say is ” energy can never be created and never be destroyed “😉😂😂


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