Dreams and aspirations lie astray,

As I was taught restraint and obedience,

As I was directed to modesty and diffidence,

As I learnt to be demure and sympathetic.


Wrapped as a daughter, a wife and a mother.

A philosopher. A cheerleader. A dictator.

A cook. A lover. A tutor.

Warped in multiple identities but The One,

Several faces at the loss of The One.

The price I paid.

Of simply being a woman.


I am under veils of mystery,

Independence boxed by sentinels of society,

With their double standards and patriarchal mindsets.

The waters churn a storm beneath the calm,

The rocks brew lava within the silence.

A dam waiting to burst. A volcano itching to erupt.

Waiting for the dominoes to fall.


Often called by the name of the rose.

Soft as petals. Rich in fragrance.

Unforgiving as thorns.

Simply a woman.


5 thoughts on “Warped

  1. DArk and LiGHT
    Yin and Yang
    NiGHt and DaY
    DueLaties some
    see as Dual Meaning
    and Purpose other than
    Oneness Holy And Sacred
    that makes ReaLiTY MoRe
    ever than just this or that or
    us verses them BRinGs iN
    An Oldest Battle of
    All asMales
    the Battles of New
    Patriarchy Verses the
    Old Matriarchy that works
    best as Females with divine
    masculine and feminine Balance
    Work Cooperatively with each other
    while males serve mostly as sex slaves
    and provide an occasional red meat
    hunt to mix with berries and nuts
    leaving so much time as
    humans make
    to kick
    back and
    relax after the Forage
    and the Song and the Dance
    and even the Work of Night is done
    in Broad Day LiGht as Yin and Yang
    Mix to make a TrUE iN WisDoM CHiLd oF LiGHT
    and yes my friEnd you and many otHeRs even some
    males too are aRiSinG to that Child oF understanding
    and Love Free as i DancE SinG noW just to reCord
    it all for the Fun of Being a Poem a Song
    of Free Dance more..
    not sure that the general
    assessed male of our species fully
    will pick up the Ball of Divine Feminine
    Yin of Grace and Love as surely as reality
    shows Females who already inherit a more
    Natural Grace of Love are holding up a greater
    Will and Strength that Naturally comes stronger
    from a Foundation of Love and Grace when not
    snuffed out by males/eTc.. who never gain the best gift
    oF aLL of Love and Grace.. for the Greatest Potential of Yang Will
    and Strength for either assessed Gender and Sexual Orientation
    of the Human Race as that Dance and Song of BaLanCinG ForCe
    Continues a never ending story in a never landing place of now more Love..
    now more
    love with
    grace makes
    best will and strength
    SMiLes high upon A dArk
    Foundation with little LiGHT oF LoVENoW..
    anyWay.. hope you are having a Great Day
    now.. FriEnd Prajakta from the Corporate
    ladder ranks of still existing East
    Indian Patriarchy now as the
    glue of that
    come apart
    in Weinstein Trump Clinton
    and other little male ways..;)


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