Seven BnW Photos: Day 1 Parched


Taken at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – a special installation of the works of Gustav Metzger on the theme Remember Nature.

I was tricked nominated by Rich for this trending photo challenge and this is me participating in the Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos of Your Life. No People. No Explanation. Challenge Someone New Each Day.

I nominate Himali Shah of Decoding Happyness to have a go at this photo challenge and add her spin to it!


10 thoughts on “Seven BnW Photos: Day 1 Parched

  1. A Museum Mounted Blackened TWiG
    what’s left when empathy
    and sympathy
    and compassion
    dies arTiFaCT
    afTer afFecT
    oF HeART
    SpiRit SoUL..
    iN Effect all that’s
    Left to add is a Right Blonde Toupee..
    The first thing that actuAlly coMes to
    SoUL while MoViNG MediTaTiNG
    iN mY BackYard is the prognosis
    of our University Horticulturist
    Yard Man that our
    DogWood Fed
    Years next
    to our
    Septic Tank
    is Slowly dying
    branch by branch now
    that we have a closed up
    new drain field that no longer
    Feeds our DogWood Tree.. and it’s
    true that’s how love works too if you don’t
    feed it with the other drain field of HeART it
    comes closing withering a way left a twig a blackened soul
    as Death..
    Feed the Twigs
    Color the Wind with
    Art that Feels and Senses Green..
    And a touch of Red Yellow and of course the Blues..
    other than that make everything in life a poem a dance
    a song an art of all that is BeiNG appreciated iN THE eternal now.. BLack ‘yond Rainbow
    hmm.. on.. with black and white art.. Prajakta.. i will continue to bring my crayons to play..;)


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