Seven BnW Photos; Day 7 Moody


Taken at Loktak Lake, Manipur.

I am participating in the Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos of Your Life. No People. No Explanation. Challenge Someone New Each Day. This is the last one of the series and I was inspired a lot from my recent visit to Northeast India and the raw perspectives the places shared.

I nominate Tom Schultz to participate. He has an amazing knack of breathing a fresh life into his pictures!

19 thoughts on “Seven BnW Photos; Day 7 Moody

  1. Day Seven NoW of Black And White
    Photo Challenges.. thank you Prajakta
    for getting involved in this Prompt for it
    is how
    Muse Soar
    Bringing Inspiration
    to others through simple
    to more complex floats
    upon Clouds of
    Still Waters
    of Seas and Mountains
    through Distant Fog…
    Boats just
    to aRise NoW
    More a Morn oF Light
    SMiLes my FriEnd when
    every point of liGht or Dark
    becomes muse of a poetic
    prompt to Dance and Sing
    more what else is left
    but to eNJoy
    Heaven NoW MoRE..
    nah.. noT JusT a Fantasy
    and yes a Fantasy Dream
    oF FruiTioN Real AS HeARt
    Colored By Ocean Breeze
    wHOLe as SpiRiT MiNd
    and BoDy
    SoUL eVen MoRe..
    not a bad job at all my
    friEnd iN FaCT LiFE iS Good
    do too..:)


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