Don’t give me your grays…

I crave for scarlet and violet and mauve and navy. My eyes are roving for deep splashes and resolute textures. It’s a call for an explosion of the light shattering upon the dark, to understand the colors all over again.

Don’t give me your doubts…

I want emotions – raw and expelling with intensity. I want to love fiercely and unconditionally, burn a green fire of jealousy, sink into purified hatred, burst like a bomb with euphoria. To covet the lucidity as clear as the glow of a blazing candle!

Don’t give me your prejudices…

I desire absolute persistence and coherence of conceptions. To strike the bull eye’s because there is no other possibility! And smash the plank into clean halves with a singular stroke because there is no room for the waste of idiosyncrasies.

Don’t give me your incompleteness…

I want you … one and whole. I want you selfishly without any compromise. Comprehensively to the last speck of your heart and soul. Down to the synchronized pulse of our thoughts and desires.

Unqualified. Undiluted. Untainted.


12 thoughts on “Undiluted

  1. Written like a true extremist. Once again, I identify and acknowledge our similarities here. It’s a beautiful piece, Prajakta, well-written.


  2. You could have a series of Posts based from this one Prajakta because there is so much to explore. While the emotions conveyed are those of a person alive, and not prepared to compromise on life experiences…. they are also from a demanding individual. Should one really dictate such rigid expectations? Is the relationship desired, likely to be fulfilled, or would the expectations encourage a rather different partner to appear?
    While the various desires noted are admirable, they do not allow any potential for the flaws in our species – we are not perfect. If you want perfection, then you will undoubtedly be disappointed at some point in time. Of course you can always “work on” the most likely partner, but then……. you will be changing him/her to respect your desires, and surely a mutual respect is a fundamental requirement of any relationship?
    A great piece of creative writing, and I love the energy and desires expressed….. but it would seem to describe a road paved with many problems! 🙂

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    • Of course 🙂 I completely agree with you! Balance is of course, necessary in life. But there are these moments, where all you want is absolute perfect clarity. And if I start dwelling further, I am just going to roll down a rabbit hole with multiple ways to get out.

      One day perhaps, when I am in that state of mind to address this conundrum 🙂 Thank you so much, as always, for leaving behind such a thoughtful perspective.

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  3. This was a great post! Beautiful – the beauty of expectations, yearnings, and pure desires. Utopian, though, I think. Hmmm. Beautiful, nonetheless.


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