One Liner Wednesday – Sunshine

“It is never a bad idea to carry a jar brimming with the golden sunshine in your pocket”

Winter mornings need just the right hit of warmth! Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday.


13 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Sunshine

  1. SMiLes Prajakta.. as this Line..
    Reminds me of a Song
    by ‘The Police’ and Sting
    that Sings there must be
    an Invisible Sun
    thaT Keeps
    us Warm
    and Fuzzy otherWise
    kNoWn iN Human
    in NeuroHormone
    way as the Love Bonding
    Way of Oxytocin but sure that’s
    not the only kind of pocket sunshine
    in day break or mid-night light.. sure.. there
    is Dopamine and Serotonin and as some
    folks point
    too.. NoW
    never the less
    and always the
    more the Potential
    is tHeRe for those wHo
    Dance and Sing Sunshine
    within now for it’s true we are
    Star Stuff and the Cosmos unto
    itself aS it would be rather foolish not
    to use the Relative Free Will that Creates
    Shine of Sun within.. otherWise Dance and SinG iT ReaL..
    True that’s more than one line but yes there are more than
    one or
    and Neurohormones
    as oh! the opiate like
    Influence of
    alSo coMes WitH A Free
    FloWinG DancE and SonG
    too.. as Love MoVeS oN HavE A Nice Shine..
    oR iN oTHeR Words oF saGe Old witHout Science and
    onLY Poetry LIGht YouR LaMp uP MouNT Tree oF LiFe..:)


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