Less Noisy

The last thing I want to do is wilt away in self-pity. It’s not exactly becoming of the kind of person I am, as hidden as it is under the layers of frustration and annoyance.

I took a digital break, and made a small visit to meet some friends. Three days of bliss … that too doggie bliss! My friends adopted a dog a few months back and that mutt brought a touch of happy reality after this really long haze. He made me laugh, he made love and he made me feel. Waking up to his kisses and demands for belly rub was therapy – a doggie therapy.

D has been a blessing throughout, putting up with my mood swings, and basically being a ticking bomb. He ensures there is a good supply of chocolate and feel-good movies, and smartly gets out of the way. He also cajoled me into embracing the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now all I want in life is my very own Groot and Jarvis.

I read the comments on my earlier post and it moved me beyond words. To know that what I am feeling is completely normal and definitely not something to be ashamed of was heartening. What really touched me was the fact that all the support came absolutely without any judgements! It was pure and complete.

I am writing this, on my way to the year-end break. I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to happen given the circumstances but it is happening. While I don’t want to say I am running away from work, but yes… this is a conscious decision to initiate the detox. I want that noxious poison out – it’s been brewing for way too long and I don’t want to infect the people I love with it.

Thank you so much. I am definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel


16 thoughts on “Less Noisy

  1. So good to see you back, Prajakta πŸ™‚
    Dogs are so great to let us just be us, like we are and nothing else. They give so much love and healing by same way. So great for you to have such company too.


  2. I am so glad to see you rise up again. Yes, it is absolutely normal to walk through valleys in order to climb the next mountain and enjoy the view again from up there. As it seems lots of things happened to help you distance from the dark and turn towards the light again. How nice what you wrote about the dog. I wish you some wonderful days to strengthen you and your inner light! Lots of love, Prajakta!


  3. SMiLes.. SpeaKinG of Groot
    And Guardians of the
    Galaxy.. Volume II..
    the most
    lesson to
    me in the
    second coming
    of that movie is the
    Dance Groot Did to the
    Mr. Blue Skies Song by
    ELO.. with all carefree smiles
    while all Hell was breaking loose
    my my my friEnd i stood in awe of
    the people in my life who so casually
    did that while
    the perfectionist
    in me dotted crossed every
    i and all the T’s with then
    a period and never ever
    an ellipse oF.. uNcertainty
    for more to come.. as come
    what may.. And i’ll just be
    i’ll just do is a way of
    life for me now..
    literally using
    ellipses for all the writing
    i started to do close to the
    Summer of 2013.. brought
    me to a place of dance and
    song that never ends in
    a never ending
    of bliss
    both in creativity
    as art.. and flesh and blood too..
    True.. ‘the force’ is ‘the flow’ mY FriEnd
    FoR thE WiN iN ZoNE.. but it’s true as the other
    very important lesson of the Movie Sings too.. as there
    are some folks who dance and some folks who do not.. Prajakta..
    the other thing my friEnd iS Change aN ultiMaTE FriEnd to Dance with now..:)

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  4. When we are in the midst of the dark noise, it can feel like we a going to be stuck there. But experience teaches us things always get better. So glad you are clearing the toxic poison out of your life (making room for something wonderful) and have good support. There’s no love like dog love.

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  5. The time with doggie was a great type of “medicine” for you, by the sounds of it, my friend. I am glad you’ve found that comments left on your blog help you as I know that I’ve found the same. We’re here for you on those grey days xo May 2018 bring you smiles xo

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  6. You are a tremendous human being Prajakta, and a wonderful friend. We are here for you. Thank you for being you. D sounds like a real genuine gem, a blessing and a keeper! Take care! πŸ™‚


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