IMG_8008The culmination came and went by. The dust has settled and suddenly time is a friend. A flaky friend, perhaps but at least not the antagonist in the present state of life.

I am officially an educated unemployed. It hasn’t really sunk in as I immediately took off on a vacation after my last day at work but now as Wednesday afternoon creeps by, I realize I have nothing on my hands except perhaps trace the shades of my tan and the increased pounds around my waist.

I did not take well to quitting my job. I was obsessed in wrapping up pending tasks and deliverables and would even dream about them. Even during the vacation, I was dreaming about the work scheduled – because the thing is – I know what is the work scheduled for the rest of the year. But then I knew I had to take a break! Last few months have been a miserable time and to keep my sanity I had to quit earlier than I was supposed to. The sense of ownership is taking its time in leaving me but I am getting there.

Unlimited time is a gift I need to utilize because the truth is – time is running out. I have less than 45 days to put my life in cardboard boxes before time makes its next play. Last year, D and I decided to take a major step ahead and now that is materializing. I have spoken to a couple of people on the blog about it – I just hope our decision doesn’t backfire. It’s a risk – but then, the payoffs are worth it!



31 thoughts on “Unlimited

  1. Sounds like you have a Plan A … but do you have a Plan B? It might be not only reassuring, but also a valuable resource to be used if necessary. All the best P. πŸ™‚


  2. Do not worry Praj. You have arrived at this decision after reflecting on all possible pros and cons. But as Colinandray said, dwell on plan B as well. God bless you and your d.

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  3. Whatever the outcome, it’s about the journey, Prajakta. Life is a series of calculated risks. Some work, some don’t. Wishing you the best, my friend! ❀


  4. “Nothing is Your Own” an Old Song back
    when they almost all had deeper meanings
    by Michael Murphy as now they are mostly
    mass produced to Target Audiences by
    the Record of what Works
    rather than the
    Art that/who
    Novelty in LiFE NoW..
    Predictable Subsistence
    isn’t really the way of Nature
    And Work is and Domestication
    And the Card Board Boxes of Life
    that are filled with Storing ‘Life’ have
    their limitations for namely the tools we
    become are not flesh and blood nor do they
    Love us back in warm and fuzzy cozies for those
    ancestors who move connect and co-create together still
    where Basic Food and Shelter and the Tools for that were the
    Prize of Will With Love and that’s about it with a whole Lot of Work
    that touched each other beyond Tools of Card Board Boxes that become us
    like Pyramids
    of Pharaohs
    that turn
    to dust
    by the Artisans
    they employ then wHere
    the Pyramids reflect someone
    else’s Soul not unlike what Remains
    of Trump Towers and the Such as that..
    Life is Funny a Tragi-Comedy inDeed as
    we become Slave to be Free in Predictable
    Subsistence for now more than Intermittent
    Reinforcement in Forage For Subsistence
    And Shelter as Nature Dances and
    Sings in us Brings.. at the end
    of 3 College Degrees and
    33 Years of Work
    and Stress
    Illness and Financial Independence
    acquired as a Card Board Box predictable
    in subsistence for the Rest of my Life i had to
    admit that i was homeless and yet to learn anything
    truly important in life to date for what i did not own was
    my self in little ability to regulate my emotions little ability to
    integrate my senses at core little relative free will for now without
    that none of us really have free will now at all Real.. True.. i came to
    Realize my Indoor Outdoor Cat who did a Yin and Yang Balance More
    oF Freedom to go along with the Bowl of Food he predictably found then
    was so much more intelligent than i ever dreamed of being then for all he
    needed beyond that was his flesh and fur and comfort in the Warm Sands
    of the Middle of the Day Winter and the Dew Cool Grasses of Summer Nights
    in Purrs of Life is Good as is after the Forage of the Night is done.. And humans
    like our Indigenous Ancestors.. we have something even more for we can/will share
    this Nature in a DanceSonG of Love Ascending Transcending in Ecstasy Holding Hands
    With Nature even more.. SMiLes Prajakta.. like ‘they’ say when ‘in Rome’ Do as the Romans
    Do but there was this Old Movie Called ‘The God’s Must Be Crazy’ and i didn’t understand it
    fully until
    i became
    a Native
    Indian at heARt
    And SPiRit and SoUL
    again for i truly believe there
    is an Indian of as in Nature in all of us
    from Shore to Shore to Ocean to Ocean
    just waiting to come out reborn to be Wild
    Again.. Domestication is highly overrated
    in Ornate Silver and Golden Handcuffs as
    Mansions of Card Board Boxes but again
    whatcha gonna do when Rome is
    calling on the Phone again
    so far away from
    is our
    own but
    the hands we
    are and hold as Love..
    in a Dance and Song Free
    that is all that needs as Life is Good now
    ToGeTHeR AGaiN Away from Homeless Soul..
    it’s True too.. some so-called homeless people who
    are wild again together again free have the biggest
    Mansions of Soul i’ve ever met under the Bridge oF LiFE LoVE NaTuRE Allone
    anyway.. best of fortune my friend for whatever it is that brings you peace/harmony
    of mind/body other wise understood as simple animal homeostasis but an intelligence
    far beyond what most animals who stand on two feet feel and sense of life now owned as Free..:)


      • “Hopefully it works out well”. You can take the “hopefully” out, and just tell yourself that it WILL work out. Of course adjustments will be necessary, and of course it will take time and patience, but you need to focus on (and acknowledge) all the positives that will happen.
        I am sure that you are aware of “Perception is reality”? You can create you own reality simply by seeing all the opportunities that your move is presenting to you. Given that there will almost certainly be positives and negatives, you must choose where your focus will go. My suggestion is to be totally excited about your move; acknowledge that any transition will have its negatives; focus just on the positives, because they are (after all) the only things worth focusing on! πŸ™‚


        • Thank you 😊 as you may have guessed, I am the more anxious one while the husband is the optimist. But yes, nowadays there are more butterflies than frown lines, so improvement πŸ™‚ It’s the anticipation and wait before the adventure begins that’s almost too much to bear!

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  5. Sounds exciting! I remember the anxiety of making that leap of faith in quitting my job. Like you, I gave it a great deal of thought and considered the risks and benefits. It takes a while to adjust. I wish you the best and look forward to learning more. πŸ™‚


  6. Be patient and you shall find something to your liking. I faced the same after leaving a couple of jobs and would say don’t lose the faith for balance is important. Take your time and follow the mind.


  7. There’s a reason that people fork over wads of cash in order to see a horror film about possessed grandparents or to walk through a haunted house where someone is guaranteed to leap out with a chainsaw. There’s a big part of being terrified that makes you want to run and cryβ€”but the other piece is actually somewhat thrilling.

    In the first few days (ahem, alright, months) after leaving my full-time gig, I’d sit down at my computer and feel totally overwhelmed. Every day was a battle to try to scrounge up work and at least take one step in the right direction. But, at the same time, I felt absolutely exhilarated. I had no idea what was coming next, and that actually made me feel surprisingly motivated and optimistic. It was one of the most distressing, nauseating, and anxiety-inducing times in my lifeβ€”but it was also the most exciting.


    • Thanks a lot Neal, for sharing your experiences πŸ™‚ I am presently in a limbo now – not actively searching but on the lookout. Weird phases coming through. Hopefully it works out well! πŸ™‚

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  8. Time is incredibly valuable, so I’m glad you have some, even with a looming 45 day deadline. I wish you well on your new endeavor πŸ™‚


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