It is slow. It is painful. It is unavoidable. It is welcome.

I am bending to the will of the increasing warmth of the sun. The clouds have broken through in a glorious display of song and dance, the memories of the frost all but forgotten. It feels like waking up from a long, tormented sleep where even nightmares would have been welcome instead of the blank lifeless vacuum that held no concept of meaning.

The blood is running through my fingers again as I furiously set the pen to paper. Doodles make way to letters and then somehow, magically, unfathomably, the letters are turning to words. I am afraid to stop writing lest the sunshine gets lost and I get frozen – suspended back into the land of the long winter.

Oh! I have missed being here. I have missed giving reign to my thoughts. I have missed the joy of not knowing which words my fingers might bleed. I have missed being envious of the brilliance of fellow bloggers and writers. I have missed being inspired.

It has been a long journey to open my blog again. For months I was contemplating, but I couldn’t turn it into a task. This place was always about choice, about joy and about freedom. I was loathe to make it into something akin to duty. My mind was numb. It was all about laundry lists and action items in the long journey of settling down which somehow never seemed to happen. It has been almost a year since I moved to Toronto and yet, my mind took its sweet time into making the city its own.

I don’t know when this city became home but I will tell you when I realized it – last Sunday. D and I took our first long vacation since moving here and got back on Sunday. That is when I equated the end of the vacation with coming back home. My condo and my city was what I wrapped around myself with a sense of comfort and security. This in turn, encouraged me to welcome myself back into my second home – this place πŸ™‚

Let the good times begin! Happy Summer everyone πŸ™‚ How have you been?


30 thoughts on “Thaw

  1. Hey, Prajakta! It’s been so long–I didn’t even know you were in Toronto. I’m just a few hours east of you. We should get together sometime. πŸ˜€ Welcome back to WordPress, my dear!

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  2. “Coming HoMe And Not KNoWinG”
    Indeed Deep This is my Friend Prajakta
    For it’s True A Key To Staying Enthused
    ALiVE iN What We Call Life is to Have A Home
    of Love To come Home to And A Challenge to
    For a New
    Day Yet to Come..
    Life is Not ‘A Record’…
    Life is A Dance and Song
    Yet Sung And Danced Anew
    With Newer Steps and Words
    Yet Heard or Even Recognized my FriEnd..
    Throw Out all the Laundry Lists And Deadlines
    DiVE iN the Deep End Arise and Breathe Again ‘The Air’..:)


  3. It takes a while to get used to a new place, especially when it’s so different from where you were. It seems like I recall you were on the other side of the planet before. That’s a big move! I’m so glad you’re feeling more at home now and that you’re back here on WordPress with a poetic and honest post from your beautiful heart.


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