Life of a Shadow

I arrived out of nowhere.

Hazy and formless I flitted over the surface,

Racing over fields and streaking over rivulets.

It was a wriggle, a walk, a sprint and a swim,

My personal kind of marathon.


Gradually but surely I was gaining form,

My lines became clearer and my steps became wiser.

I learnt to tread lightly on water,

But place my foot firmly on land,

And hold my breath while climbing tree tops.


With time, I turned dense and unyielding,

My heartbeats struggled to keep up.

But the last leg needed the best I could give,

I raced on,

Bearing witness to my emerging form.


Chasing and running away,

It was when I took my last breath,

When I finally met my creator

And was laid to rest.

I became myself.

๏ฟผThe journey from nothing to something to everything. Life is not a circle – it is the most curved straight line one can think of. Inspired by a dancing shadow of a cloud.


10 thoughts on “Life of a Shadow

  1. SMiLes Prajakta so nice to See Your Poetry Again
    in Feel So nice to Feel All Poetry as an expression
    of Flesh and Blood Souls Spiraling Out as Every
    Nautilus Shell Does Evolving like Most all things
    Do our Home A Milky Way true.. too above so
    below within inside outside and
    All around a ‘Golden
    Spiral’ Ratio
    of 1.618
    Never ends
    or begins now
    Always STaRTinG
    Now Evolving Out Or
    iN as Tides of Ocean do too..
    What Better way to Dance and
    Sing with any Soul than Free Flowing now
    Tides of Words that go in and out in Spirals still Evolving…
    Smiles my 5 Year or so Word Press Friend nice to see it all evolve..
    in all
    Life Moves
    iN LiGHT thru DaRK..
    Crystal Clear Emerald Ocean Dreams..
    hAha when i met you i am just a small
    Spine of Nautilus Words Now STiLL GRoWinG Out of A SHeLL..
    A Best thing about staying in contact with folks over all our years
    is it reminds us where we were and Just how far we continue to GRoW NoW..
    to See You ‘BookMaRk’..;)


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